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Just had a local case today...2 dead...3 young kids now left without parents... HipChick Jan 2018 #1
I've lost count of theshootings here in JA malaise Jan 2018 #2
When will our lawmakers stop this insanity Ohiogal Jan 2018 #3
What is the typical NRA and Republican rsponse ???????? ProudMNDemocrat Jan 2018 #4
Here he is canetoad Jan 2018 #5
So proud of his appendage dalton99a Jan 2018 #7
I am sure his appendage is quite small. redstatebluegirl Jan 2018 #10
I'm with you there redstategirl Heartstrings Jan 2018 #26
just another one of those wonderfull law-abiding gun nuts - till the second he wasn't. KG Jan 2018 #14
Agreed 100%, excellent point. Mc Mike Jan 2018 #56
Ooooohhh!!! His gun! It's so . . . . BIG!!!! hatrack Jan 2018 #15
Yup all set up for mass murder workinclasszero Jan 2018 #38
Thoughts and prayers from the GOP. Kingofalldems Jan 2018 #6
Too soon... Bob Loblaw Jan 2018 #8
Maybe we can take it up in 2019. dchill Jan 2018 #49
Ummm, there has been a lot of guns that don't kill people lately... HopeAgain Jan 2018 #9
Hooray guns! Initech Jan 2018 #11
3AM at the car wash? jberryhill Jan 2018 #12
Washing drugs? malaise Jan 2018 #13
Crazy doe snot might be a sign that the doe has rabies jberryhill Jan 2018 #18
Hope the killer survives and has plenty of time to think about what he did nto raccoon Jan 2018 #16
Every report says he is not expected to survive n/t malaise Jan 2018 #19
Shooting at a car wash - now there's something you don't hear every day. milestogo Jan 2018 #17
I live in this area Orange Free State Jan 2018 #20
Its pretty much that way all the way west to Franklin County hexola Jan 2018 #22
They mstinamotorcity2 Jan 2018 #21
Here's a little gem from last year... hexola Jan 2018 #23
Thanks for this malaise Jan 2018 #24
They killed an innocent man malaise Jan 2018 #27
Killing from domestic rage seems easier to swallow...hard to believe there are animals like this hexola Jan 2018 #33
The young male everywhere is in crisis malaise Jan 2018 #34
Your remarks reminded me of this guy... hexola Jan 2018 #35
Yep his stunt would have made him a star malaise Jan 2018 #36
But he didn't shout "Allahu Ackbar", so... win. ck4829 Jan 2018 #25
Yep and neither did the Paddock one malaise Jan 2018 #28
Timothy O'Brien doesn't sound Mexican or Muslim to me, this isn't doc03 Jan 2018 #29
Isn't that the truth malaise Jan 2018 #30
Last year Trump said "This American carnage stops right here right now" doc03 Jan 2018 #31
Domestic violence is at the heart of so many of these incidents. alarimer Jan 2018 #32
Domestic violence is nothing new malaise Jan 2018 #39
"Gunman wore armor and had AR-15 rifle, handgun and another rifle" workinclasszero Jan 2018 #37
The Guardian is wrong. No local news report used the term "domestic violence." John1956PA Jan 2018 #40
So you're saying that slaughtering an ex, the person she's seeing malaise Jan 2018 #41
Malaise, I got to go to work now. John1956PA Jan 2018 #42
I hear you malaise Jan 2018 #43
Why are you reading the Guardian when there are local domestic resources!? hexola Jan 2018 #44
I find no local news report referencing any prior domestic violence acts by the shooter. John1956PA Jan 2018 #46
I think you misunderstood the article. Kaleva Jan 2018 #48
Thank you. That occurred to me after I posted. John1956PA Jan 2018 #52
I agree. The statement should have been worded as you say. Kaleva Jan 2018 #57
Jesus... Blue_Tires Jan 2018 #45
Good follow-up article. Thanks. ManiacJoe Jan 2018 #50
Madness malaise Jan 2018 #51
Execute people convicted of domestic violence NCDem777 Jan 2018 #47
Here is another local article from Pittsburgh newspaper Crabby Appleton Jan 2018 #53
Thanks malaise Jan 2018 #54
Typical "responsible gun owner" who loses it. Hoyt Jan 2018 #55
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