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Trump hammers FBI's Comey for not jailing Clinton: 'She was guilty of every charge'
Apr 12 - RawStory

Cop caught on video taking down, beating alleged jaywalker
Apr 12 - CBS News

France election: Far-left Melenchon enjoys late poll surge
Apr 12 - Associated Press

AP Exclusive: Manafort firm received Ukraine ledger payout
Apr 12 - Associated Press

Xi-Trump call: China urges 'peaceful' North Korea solution
Apr 12 - BBC

Daily Mail to pay Melania Trump damages
Apr 12 - BBC

Borussia Dortmund attack: Police investigate Islamist link
Apr 12 - BBC

Eric Trump Tells British Reporter: 'Nepotism Is A Beautiful Thing'
Apr 12 - crooksandliars.com

Romneys infamous binders full of women surfaces
Apr 12 - NY Daily News

Republican Ron Estes wins in 4th District congressional race (Kansas)
Apr 12 - McClatchy News

Gillibrand leads in no votes against Trumps nominees
Apr 11 - Democratic Chronicle

United faces more questions as dragged passenger hires high-powered attorney
Apr 11 - Chicago Tribune

'Go back to your country': Woman chased by man with knife in her yard
Apr 11 - MSN

Congressman Who Shouted You Lie at Obama Hears the Same From Constituents
Apr 11 - New York Times

CNN Exclusive: Classified docs contradict Nunes surveillance claims, GOP and Dem sources say
Apr 11 - CNN

Lawmakers eye 7-cent gas tax hike, fees on hybrid and electric vehicles to plug highway fund
Apr 11 - Kennebec Journal

United Airlines gets trolled by rivals
Apr 11 - Washington Post

Flying drones that generate power from wind are starting to get serious attention
Apr 11 - Portland Press Herald

Family urges fugitive who sent manifesto to Trump to surrender
Apr 11 - ABC News

FBI obtained FISA warrant to monitor former Trump adviser Carter Page
Apr 11 - Washington Post

Pope Francis opens free laundromat for homeless
Apr 11 - Associated Press

Alabama Senate votes to allow church to form police dept.
Apr 11 - Associated Press

ABA: 'Troubled' by Arkansas' multiple execution plan
Apr 11 - Associated Press

Chief: Quick review of officer accused of kicking cuffed man
Apr 11 - Associated Press

Report: Prosecutor jailed crime victims to enforce testimony
Apr 11 - Associated Press

Roof feared mental state might block white nationalists job
Apr 11 - Associated Press

US Chief Justice Roberts decries "partisan hostility"
Apr 11 - Associated Press

North Carolina House Bill Would Redefine Marriage As Only Heterosexual
Apr 11 - Talking Points Memo

Pelosi: 'Sean Spicer Must Be Fired'
Apr 11 - Talking Points Memo

Schumer: If Trump doesn't release his tax returns, 'it's going to make tax reform much harder
Apr 11 - The Washington Post

Poll: Christie is most unpopular governor in US
Apr 11 - MSN

Justice Department Announces Actions to Dismantle Kelihos Botnet
Apr 11 - U.S. Justice Department

Panama Papers Wins Pulitzer Prize
Apr 11 - ICIJ

Borussia Dortmunds team bus hit by explosions before Monaco tie
Apr 11 - The Guardian

Rep. Wagner, a potential rival to Sen. McCaskill, has raised $2.7 million
Apr 11 - KC Star

United Airlines CEO apologizes for horrific event, promises review of policies after passenger...
Apr 11 - The Washington Post

President Trump taunts North Korea on Twitter, says it is looking for trouble with U.S. and China
Apr 11 - NY Daily News.

Spicer Says Hitler Didnt Use Chemical Weapons 'In The Way Assad Used Them' (VIDEO)
Apr 11 - TPM

Sen. Collins says she may run for Maine governor in 2018
Apr 11 - Portland Press-Herald

Pennsylvania congressman to be named drug czar by Trump
Apr 11 - CBS News

Sessions warns of 'Trump era' of immigration enforcement
Apr 11 - ABC News

White House Accuses Russia of Cover-Up in Syria Chemical Attack.
Apr 11 - nyt

Anti-gay pastor who cheered Orlando nightclub massacre found guilty of child molestation
Apr 11 - RawStory

African migrants sold in Libya 'slave markets', IOM says
Apr 11 - BBC

BREAKING: QPoll Has Perriello Leading Northam 25%-20%; Either Demolishes Ed Gillespie
Apr 11 - Blue Virginia

Government Accountability Office investigating Trump's transition
Apr 11 - The Hill

Donald Trump Jr nixes 2018 NY bid, but maybe later
Apr 11 - Associated Press

The Latest Test for the White House? Pulling Off Its Easter Egg Roll
Apr 11 - nytimes

Donald Trump Skips White House Passover Seder
Apr 11 - Huff post

DOJ plans to disrupt global spam network after Russian hacker's arrest
Apr 11 - CNN

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