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LiberaBlueDem's Journal
LiberaBlueDem's Journal
September 30, 2023

Don't give them another chance

For four years they had the presidency and half of congress. Yes the republicans ruled our government for years and years and what did America get?

A circus. Not an enjoyable circus, no, just a circus of ill-tempered ugly clowns making stupid things happen.

Take Jan. 6. How stupid was that? The outcome was 1,000 + arrested and the world looking on in astonishment that the world power telling them we are all about democracy was a lie.

Jan. 6 was not about democracy, it was about monarchy. It was an attempt to throw out the vote and keep the loser of the votes as the leader.

Republicans across the board still haven't repented their support for the insurrection and destruction of democracy. Over half of the elected republicans in congress voted to keep dear leader over the clear choice of votes from the people of America. It was as anti-democratic as possible, yet they did just that, and still hold to that.

The chief clown was one whose best foreign friends are enemies of America. The chief clown denied science of not only global warming but also the covid virus. He got on stage daily and clowned his way through his, and his only, facts.

Yes, this is a condemnation of republicans.

Hope is that republicans will end our misery and tell their clowns the circus is over, go home, and stfu.
September 28, 2023

Asked the young lady cashier if she votes

She said yes, she registered at the DMV when getting her license

I mentioned to her that if Democrats had their way she'd be making $15 an hour. She looked surprised. She did not know that.

September 27, 2023

Good news, bad news about climate

First Solar panels are being installed at an ever increasing rate. Hope is that eventually dirty coal plants will be replaced due to Solar being cheaper than coal. Also solar can be used to charge EVs so one will eventually be able to drive almost free of costs and emissions.

Bad news is the methane levels are spiking. Oil pumping is a large part of why methane is escaping, and oil in the US has never been pumped at higher levels than now,

Then there is the buried in ice methane that is escaping due to warming. Science says the methane escaping in the Arctic is about to hit levels which will increase warming above and beyond anything we have seen.

So, buy solar, get an EV if you drive a lot and vote to reduce dependence on all fossil fuels. That way your contribution to climate change will be limited

September 19, 2023

I think Joe Biden is reading DU

He is saying the same things as what I read on DU some months ago. Biden hears the people like no president ever has because he reads DU?

September 15, 2023

Lies and BS are coming to an end

For years now republican lies have flowed like water over the falls. Nothing stopping the flow and like a river just kept coming.

Today the flow is slowing. Slowing because justice is blocking the flow.

The damned lies about America first, stolen elections, denial of realities and thefts of American tax dollars has damn near ruined America and the fools who believed the lies.

The flow has almost stopped, and what remains is just a burble of the past. The lead liar is coming to justice and the sooner the long arm of the law squelches the last breaths of certain someones, the better.

The list of someones is long. And then there is the media which splashed the lies across their money grubbing pages and screens.

Republicans are to blame for these years of torture of democracy. But democracy will win, just like it won over other historic republican torture schemes. Of that I have faith.

Faith because of people standing tall and rejecting the lies. Faith that real Americans see thru the bs and will not ever allow the liars to gain advantage again.
September 7, 2023

Name 5 things you want to see republicans in the house do for you

Besides resign and run away from DC

September 6, 2023

An EV in Every Garage

It's time the USA sells a cheap EV so that everyone can own one, save gas and save the planet.

Republicans are gonna hate this idea: The government shall put together a committee of car builders whose purpose shall be to design an econonical EV produced from all American parts. The car will have a standard chassis and use parts off the shelf when it can or contract with suppliers.

A cost of just $10,000 wil be the target price, making it very affordable.

And EV in every garage will be what we have in just a few years.

September 3, 2023

Sociaism ... No! ... Where?

Are Democrats socialist? Is America a partly socialist country?

September 1, 2023

How's this grab ya? Politics 101 for 2024

I think back to when I was young. We got most of our news from papers and the hour long nightly news. Back then the media was not so slanted, so we were fairly informed.

The young these days are informed via the web. And the web is slanted toward freedom and openess. Two traits the pubbies do not favor. So we need to figure out how we use the web to spread our information. The young need to hear from us and how we want them to be free and informed.

AOC, and others like her, are the leaders we need. Not only is she younger than us, she is in touch with people her age and she is really learning politics very quickly. How's come I almost never see her on DU?

IMO, we must not get too deep with our explanations. Memes are the in. We spill a few tactical memes, the web provides the background and the pubbies become scattered and on their heels wondering what hit them.

August 31, 2023

The Latest Republican Debate; a Commentary. Funny

The Republican candidates met to yell at each other in an alternative universe
Not to be outdone in bellicosity, DeSantis threatened to invade Mexico
Diane Roberts

In case you missed last Wednesday’s Dadaist performance piece, the one called “Republican Primary Debate,” when one woman and seven men shouted for two hours on live TV, here’s the highlight reel:

Things started off grumpy and soon deteriorated.

Fox moderators Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum played “Rich Men North of Richmond,” a hit song hostile to fat people and the gub’mint by a fellow with an angry beard.

The candidates, who spend most of their waking hours in a state of rage, looked extra-cheesed off. Nobody told them this would be on the test.

When asked to raise their hands if they agree humans cause climate change, Ron DeSantis who is, as you are aware, governor of a state where there is no climate change WHATSOEVER, pitched a little hissy fit, hollering, “We’re not schoolchildren!”

His tone was that of an aggrieved 6th grader whose mother has just said no, you can’t have your birthday party at Hooters.

Biotech Bro Vivek Ramaswamy jumped in: “The climate change agenda is a hoax! People are dying of bad climate change policies!”

Hell, yeah! It was 114 in Milwaukee on debate day, the city had to close the schools, the asphalt was melting, and the Panther Pilsner began to boil in its bottles, but only an anti-American groomer wimp would support lowering carbon emissions.

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a jerk before jerkiness became the Republican Party house style, glared at Biotech Bro: “I’ve had enough already tonight of a guy who sounds like ChatGPT standing up here.”

Funny thing about the Biotech Bro: While most adult humans have 32 teeth, he seems to have 40-odd, each with its own light emitting diode, almost blinding the audience as he yipped, “Drill, frack, burn coal, unleash nuclear!”

Meanwhile, in an alternate, but equally warped, space-time continuum, Donald Trump told Tucker “a frozen food is a good food” Carlson that the Jan. 6 insurrection was a great day for America, with all those fine Americans saying, “It was the most beautiful day they ever experienced. There was love and unity.”

Back on Planet Murdoch, the fellow from North (or is it South?) Dakota with the eyebrows and the bad leg tried to get a word in, but nobody would let him.

Former Vice President and bunny-daddy Mike Pence, still psyched that Trump’s braying mob failed to murder him that day at the Capitol, reminded everyone that he’d given his “life to Jesus Christ my lord and savior,” therefore he supports a national abortion ban because, you know, little babies.

Sen. Tim Scott, who, like Biotech Bro, sports some righteous choppers, said, “Absolutely!”

He kept saying, “Absolutely!” even when it made no sense.

Nikki Haley, Trump’s U.N. ambassador, smacked her lectern and said, “Unelected justices didn’t need to decide this issue” — abortion — though it should be pointed out that the Supreme Court did exactly that in Dobbs.

DeSantis suddenly lurched forward like a Chevy Nova with a malfunctioning spark plug, barking about a Florida woman named Penny “who survived multiple abortion attempts.”

It was actually only one attempt, unless you also count her father trying to unplug the incubator where she lay, a tiny newborn.

Penny’s dad initially tried a coat hanger on Penny’s mother, but it didn’t quite work.

This was, by the way, in 1955, 18 years before Roe.

DeSantis didn’t seem to understand that his story is more an argument for safe and legal abortion than for outlawing it but, if a stick has a wrong end, he’ll grasp it with both hands and both feet, like a two-toed sloth.

The man never did manage to reset his program to “human speaking,” but his algorithms did throw up a few of the “debate points” laid out in the leaked strategy memo recommending he take a “sledgehammer” to Biotech Bro.

Unfortunately for DeSantis, Biotech Bro just smirked and called him a “Super PAC puppet.”

Meanwhile, somewhere on the other side of a wormhole, Tucker Carlson who tweeted that “I hate him passionately” thing in an entirely different universe, nodded as Donald Trump mused about building the Panama Canal, observing, “We lost 35,000 people because of the mosquito.”

Back on this burning planet, Asa Hutchinson, former Arkansas governor and Never Trumper, scandalized at the behavior of his fellow aspirants, clucked like Foghorn Leghorn when Henery the chickenhawk tried to big himself up.

The guy from South (unless it’s North) Dakota broke down and defended education: “The idea that every school district, state, and every teacher is somehow indoctrinating people is just false.”

Most of the candidates looked like he just suggested making puppy-and-kitten smoothies.

Sen. Scott said he’d shut down the Department of Education and “break the backs of the teachers’ unions.”

Biotech Bro was all like, “Me, too!” He also wants to raise the voting age to 25, unless you pass a citizenship test like in the good old days of Jim Crow.

He said young people need to learn things like it was the Constitution that “won us the American Revolution,” even though the Constitution was written nearly 12 years after the American Revolution.

Not to be outdone in bellicosity, DeSantis threatened to invade Mexico and kill an indeterminate number of people “stone dead.”
Back through the looking glass

Meanwhile, through the Looking Glass, Donald Trump informed the Twixxerverse that “crooked” Joe Biden is the worst president ever and has skinny legs which “look terrible on the beach,” Vice President Kamala Harris “speaks in rhyme,” and regulations have messed up our water pressure.

Water comes “from heaven,” said TFG, but now you don’t get enough of it out of the shower “to wash your beautiful hair.”

Back in Milwaukee, each candidate looked straight into the camera for their closing pitches. Pence promised “a conservative agenda;” Tim Scott declared, “If God made you a man, you play sports against men;” Nikki Haley loved on the police.

Biotech Bro squeaked, “God is real. There are two genders. Fossil fuels are a requirement for human prosperity.”

Then he did a little dance that called to mind that scene from “The Lord of the Rings” when Gollum exults on Mount Doom just before he falls into the fire.

When it was his turn, Ron DeSantis packed in most of his talking points: He’s a “blue-collar kid,” though he went to Yale and Harvard; he was in Iraq with the Navy SEALS (he forgot to say he was not himself a Navy SEAL); and he would make America great again, again, and possibly one more time for good measure.

Then, as the audience watched in horror, the muscles around his jaws began to twitch and judder as his lips stretched.

Children screamed in terror, strong men ran from the room, even stronger women averted their eyes.

The governor of Florida was attempting to smile


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