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Wonder Why

Wonder Why's Journal
Wonder Why's Journal
July 28, 2022

So disappointing. NOT!

July 28, 2022

Whatever happened to the trustbusters? Even the Democrats can't find them or

don't want to. Teddy R, we need you back! Bring a chainsaw and start making smaller, competing companies again.

July 28, 2022

The article makes it seem like it's just a matter of proper reporting

with a lack of consistency and coordination. I would say it is much more than that - minorities in this country often receive less than equal concern or equal investigative efforts by the police. And without political and economic power, one often gets ignored or just lower priority treatment not only by the police but my the media, the courts, the legislative bodies and government bureaucrats both at the local as well as the state and federal levels. With nobody important caring enough to do more, nothing gets done.

July 28, 2022

I'm not sure I believe Griner deserves so much consideration

First, let me say that guilty or innocent, American citizens are entitled to U.S. assurance and help that they are treated respectfully, honestly and given a fair and honest trial. Of course, none of these can be assured by the Russians.

However, Griner put herself in a big hole. Even I know that you don't carry cannabis to foreign countries without first verifying that they are acceptable. Even legal (here) prescription drugs should be verified as other countries have different laws. As someone who has been there repeatedly and for long periods, she should have long since verified that what she was doing was permissible in Russia. Her claims that she didn't know she had it with her sound as reasonable as Cawthorn's claims he "forgot" he was carrying a gun through airport security, at least to me.

She failed to admit her mistakes and issues up front. Nothing was said about medical marijuana until the trial nor did she say it was unintentional until that time. What she says right now sounds untruthful and/or sketchy to me and probably far more so even in an "honest" trial or worse, a typical Russian one. She did not own up to anything until her trial.

Not too long ago, even a small amount of cannabis got one jail time in many if not most states here so getting time there is not necessarily undeserved although the time she should get and the problems in Russian prisons as well as being used by them as a political pawn is most undeserved. Remember, though, she was arrested before the invasion when the Russians likely believed we would just say "Tsk, Tsk" and let them get away with their expected quick victory so it is entirely possible her arrest was initially to set an example to foreigners that Russian laws are not to be trifled with.

She is not the person that deserved being traded for an Arms Trafficker, IMHO. Moreover, she is not the person to deal away our determination not to give into foreign government kidnappers. She is more the type to be traded for some Russian we charge with a lesser offense here like an oligarch who overstays his visa or who filed a false tax form who is pursued in retaliation as a warning that two can play the game.

I just don't find her story to be believable.

July 22, 2022

Even Pence hasn't got the guts to say he doesn't trust Trump

for anything more than a prison sentence in spite of Trump's willingness to let him die if the rioters were successful.

Cowards and Traitors. All of them.

July 15, 2022

Elon is right. They shouldn't be called "bad guys".

There are much better words like

Sleazy, greedy, lowlife, uncaring, amoral, lying, dishonest, evil, abhorrent, foul, loathsome, revolting, atrocious, rotten, nauseating, beastly, distasteful, hateful, vile, ...

Know what the difference is between a thief and a philanthropist?

A thief steals. A philanthropist steals then gives half of what's left back when he/she gets old.

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