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Wonder Why

Wonder Why's Journal
Wonder Why's Journal
November 2, 2023

This is not going to help Israel in any way. This is terrorism for terrorism, not justifiable at all.

From Reuters this morning:

Israeli settler attacks fuel the fire as Gaza war rages

Israeli settlers with the approval of the right wing politicians are acting like the right wing nuts in this country but the victims don't have the protections of the police or military. Sad.

October 31, 2023

Muslims say "No ceasefire in Gaza, no votes for Biden". Not so bright of them.

Reuters today:

No ceasefire in Gaza, no votes, Muslim Americans tell Biden

Really bright. Who are the first immigrants that will suffer if Muslims withhold support for Democrats and Trump wins? Nothing like cutting off your nose to spite your face! Do they really think that Trump or any Repugs will stop Israel from doing what is doing now just to please Muslims? Fat chance of that!

October 29, 2023

So states the biggest Coward in the World

Trump warns US enemies: spill ‘drop of American blood’ and we’ll spill ‘gallon of yours’

You and how many of your "brave" Maggots, "Patriots" and "Proud Boys"?

Send the troops? Why? You said they were losers!

You have no authority as a criminal defendant to do anything and you LOST the presidency.

Mr. Mouth strikes again!

Spill your own blood first. We'll be watching you with the popcorn. You're just another John "I just played a soldier in the movies" Wayne.

We'll follow Biden - a real leader who isn't just one big mouth.
October 27, 2023

DeSatanist's claim of sending drones and arms denied by Israel's consul general

Ron DeSantis’s claim he sent military equipment to Israel unravels

Apparently all he did was
smoothing paperwork requirements for a previously arranged shipment of “rifle parts” ordered by [Israel].

Yup! Trump's lying little brother!
October 26, 2023

Ben & Jerry's announces new Trump-flavored ice cream!

Starts off with vanilla ice cream - what else?

It's full of fat. A lot more than the label claims.

Contains pieces of Bitters in the shape of judges, prosecutors and witnesses

It comes in a large mouthed container.

Includes fresh frozen real maggots

Has swirls of ketchup with the odor of french fries

Has a small amount of pieces of cheap ground meat burgers

Orange pieces sprinkled throughout

They sell it at an excessive price but they tell the state sales tax agents that it was sold at half that amount.

The ingredients list is a big lie

October 25, 2023

It was all TSA's fault!

TSA investigating after Washington state senator arrested in Hong Kong for bringing firearm in luggage

"I should have never been out of security in America," Wilson said. The statement later added that "baggage screeners failed to note" the pistol in his briefcase while going through security in Portland.

So, according to him, it wasn't his fault for illegally bringing a firearm into the terminal because they should have caught and stopped him there and not let him through.

As long as you don't get caught in the act, it's not a crime.

I'll bet Donnie's attorneys will use that in their next appeal. "It was all the fault of the Secret Service"

Ah! Yes! Supporters of Law and Order - NOT!
October 23, 2023

I know how to resolve the Speaker problem

All 217 Repugs have their name entered as candidates. After all, they are all greedy enough in their hearts to want to advance above being a loser.

They all get in a room while armed with weapons of their choice.

They hold a secret ballot.

Whoever gets the most votes by convincing at least one of the other 216 to vote for him/her instead of themselves and survives to walk out the door, becomes Speaker.

October 23, 2023

Man cleared of charges in ransom plot to turn Confederate chair into a toilet


A man charged with stealing a Confederate monument during a bizarre ransom scheme that threatened to turn the relic into a toilet said he had shown how “police do not always get the right man” after authorities recently abandoned the national headline-making prosecution against him.

A group calling itself White Lies Matter issued written threats to urinate and defecate on the chair if its owners – the United Daughters of the Confederacy – did not hang a particular banner outside their headquarters in Richmond, Virginia, by 9 April 2021, the 156th anniversary of the Confederate surrender ending the US civil war.

I guess that if you're a true Confederate, it's okay to make your leader's monument a toilet but libtards had better not move it from a place of honor.

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