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Wonder Why

Wonder Why's Journal
Wonder Why's Journal
December 20, 2022

George, I believe your resume. The same thing happened to me after

I wrote mine about how I

Got my Bachelor's, Masters and PhD at MIT in less than three years - by correspondence
Won a Nobel Prize in every category
Got even more votes than Donald Trump
Am more honest than Mahatma Gandhi was
Built the home I was born in
Received more patents than Edison
Corrected Einstein's error in his General Theory of Relativity
Wrote Shakespeare's plays for him

We both are honest, God-fearing people who lied less than George Washington so hang in there. And while you're at it, tell them Donald taught you everything you know and everyone knows how upright he is.

December 20, 2022

Belarus will voluntarily join the Russians in the spirit of friendship AFTER

a few holdouts fall out of windows or die of pneumonia.

December 18, 2022

High-powered lawyer argued Madison Cawthorn not insurrectionist, now suing for big legal bill

Source: Asheville Citizen Times

A high-powered conservative lawyer who defended Rep. Madison Cawthorn against allegations of insurrection is now suing him for a large unpaid legal bill.

Cawthorn, a Western North Carolina Republican leaving Congress in January after one term, is being sued by his former attorney, James Bopp Jr., for more than $190,000, according to filings this month in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana.

Read more: https://www.blueridgenow.com/story/news/2022/12/16/madison-cawthorn-lawyer-suing-him-for-nearly-200k-legal-bill/69734533007/

Is there anyway they can both lose? Like Cawthorn having to pay the money and the lawyer having to use the entire amount for legal fees?
December 18, 2022

"Whir and ringing of telephone"

"That you, Bobby Joe?"

"Yes, Mabel. Can you connect me with my ISP"

"Sure, Bobby Joe. Dialing up LOL cats again? Don't forget the warning!"

"I won't Mabel. And no listening to the beeps, please. Last time you did that, what I keyed in looked like Russian and them feds stopped by to question me"

"I won't, Bobby Joe."

Click..Click..Click..Click Whir...

Click..Click..Click..Click..Click Whir...

Click..Click Whir...

Click..Click..Click..Click Whir...

"Number Please"

"Long Distance, can you please connect us with the Delphi ISP"

"One moment Please"

Sound of round phone plug being pushed into the socket

Sound of high pitched tone

"Bobby Joe, you can put your headset into the acoustic modem now. You should be connected."

"Thanks, Mabel"

Two minutes go by while Bobby Joe types in www.democraticunderground.com and sees the text on on his VT100 terminal.

Clicking of down arrow until he reaches LOL Cats then hits enter

Bobby Joe says "One of these days I'm going to connect to the fiber cable near my house."

December 11, 2022

Florida Sen. Rick Scott says defeated Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker will 'cont

Source: Business Insider

GOP Sen. Rick Scott of Florida believes Herschel Walker will "continue to be a leader in our party for years to come" after the former NFL player was defeated in the Georgia Senate runoff.

"Over the last year, I've gotten to know Herschel and have seen first-hand the movement he built in his home state," Scott said in a statement on Wednesday. "Herschel's story and message inspired millions in Georgia and across the country. While Herschel came up short ... I know he will continue to be a leader in our party for years to come."

Read more: https://www.businessinsider.com/rick-scott-herschel-walker-future-republican-leader-georgia-senate-2022-12

Wow! The Democratic Party can only drool at the possibility. Think of the opportunity. Walker can replace the Orange Man who will then be "free" to spend his waning days in federal and state pens.
December 6, 2022

Is Santa Part of the MAGA Side?

So, the old and loved Santa. Is he really part of the Dark Side? Is he really a MAGA follower? Lets look at the facts.

First, there is the man himself. The ultimate in commercial exploitation. Selling everything from Coca Cola products to unneeded commercial gifts. He is overweight, symbolizing the calorie consuming society. He wears, not only a red hat (like Donald Trump) but even a red coat and red pants. He flies everywhere and he and his polluting reindeer with their exhaling of carbon monoxide and eliminating their waste in the high atmosphere instead of down on earth where it can be recycled are a menace to our climate. Have you ever calculated the immense climate change he has caused by his racing all over the world every Christmas? Probably far more than all the commercial jets flying around.

But let's talk about the biggest problem. He brings all those PLASTIC gifts to kids everywhere. Mostly, they are used for a while and then disposed of in our landfills and dumps. Few are actually returned to be recycled but not the drones or the water toys lost in trees or in our lakes and oceans! Worse, they are packaged in plastic which is quickly thrown away as most families have too much in one short time to properly recycle and they don't their kids to be deprived of their toys even for a moment so in the garbage they go. But it doesn't end there. That plastic packaging ends up in cardboard boxes, again with few recycled as kids use them for toys themselves so they are taped together and eventually thrown out because they are too difficult to be recycled. It gets worse! The cardboard is taped to paper wrappings and bows and we all watch as those big plastic bags get filled with paper because the blue recycle ones are too small to hold all that wadded up and torn paper coated with various colored chemicals that make recycling more difficult.

The fact is that Santa is a MAGA supporter and climate change denier and is a threat to American democracy and the Constitution. Like right wing politicians, he promotes his anti-global-warming agenda to our children and cannot be removed by our ballots? Do you vote for him? Do you support him and his ilk who stand in front of our stores putting a guilt trip on us to contribute to his campaign?

Lets also look at the literature he has sneaked into our world. For example, take "A Christmas Carol", supposedly a story of a mean man who turns good in the end. The facts are different. Scrooge doesn't want to waste that awful carbon-filled fossil coal but instead encourages his employees to lower the room temperature and keep warm by exercising and wearing warmer clothes. It is his pernicious employee Cratchit who is the villain who wants more coal and "making merry" and who wants a big dinner. Scrooge is satisfied with a small bit of food at his own modest place but then he is undermined by those fifth column relatives, the Muppets and so-called ghosts who trick him into joining the down side. They even trick him into believing that his long-held idea that there are already places where the poor can get help are in fact terrible places to be. The book itself is sexist. Why is Cratchit's wife named "Miss Piggie"?

There is only one solution for us. We should watch "A Christmas Carol" backwards so it becomes a tale of a misguided fool who turns away from commercialism and into an environmentalist who believes in fighting climate change and not being wasteful. We should point out that Santa is part of the Trump cabal trying to overthrow our country.

November 27, 2022

Some Republicans criticize Trump for meeting with white supremacist

Source: Reuters

WASHINGTON, Nov 27 (Reuters) - Some Republicans on Sunday criticized Donald Trump for dining with white supremacist Nick Fuentes at the former president's Mar-A-Lago resort in Florida, even as Trump said the encounter was inadvertent.

Arkansas Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson accused Trump of empowering extremism.

"I don't think it's a good idea for a leader who's setting an example for the country or the party to meet with an avowed racist or anti-Semite," Hutchinson told CNN.

Read more: https://www.reuters.com/world/us/some-republicans-criticize-trump-meeting-with-white-supremacist-2022-11-27/

"Some Republicans". Not even half of the Republicans or most Republicans, much less almost all Republicans.

They still have yet to acquire a backbone much less a commitment to civil rights, the Constitution, Democracy or the American people.

And even the criticisms are qualified. As Hutchison said "I don't think it's a good idea..." not "It was a terrible thing to ..."

Maggots, Weasels and cowards.
November 17, 2022

And Pence? The biggest weasel in government. His boss tries to get rid of him

and he takes it like a weasel.

If he won, he'd probably be calling Trump every hour to ask him what he should do.

Weasel Willie.

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