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Samrob's Journal
Samrob's Journal
April 29, 2022

I am with Morning Joe about the Dems having it all laid out before them to fight the GOP. But..

they seem to forget that the media plays a large part in it all. The media just doesn't cover what the Dems are saying because they are too busy printing and reporting on MTG, Trump, and the other crazies in the GOP. They just refuse to print or talk about what the Dems and Biden have done and are doing FOR people.

Biden (age aside) needs to take to the campaign trail and hold a few rallies in the crucial states. I see about 8 states he needs to hold a rally in and the media needs to give wide coverage to: NV, GA MN MI NC PA WVA OH

Biden needs to give the attack every lie they have put out there and remind folks about how the Trump tax break went mostly to the wealthy and those some wealthy took stimulus money and lied about how they used the money. In both cases the GOP and the wealthy said they would use the money to pump back into the economy and the companies were supposed to use money to keep their workers employed. Instead, almost everywhere you go for service is short staffed and has no intention of rehiring or hiring workers. Yet they still use the Pandemic as an excuse for poor or no service.

Biden needs a few of these rallies to support the Dem candidates running for office and allow them to explain what they offer and what their GOP opponent does or does not offer. They need to explain how the GOP has lied to them and continues to lie and the harm their lies have done to our respect for the law and damaged our moral compass as well as throwing a monkey wrench into our economy.

Just tell the damn truth...with some fire in the belly!

April 28, 2022

So, if 79% of rural voters voted for Trump in 2020, what did Trump do for them from 2017 - 2020?

What did the GOP actually do for them? Do Dems ask them these questions?

April 28, 2022

Everywhere DisneySantas campaigns his opponents should ask

What has Ron done for you since 2020? On the other hand, what has Joe Biden done for you? If you received a stimulus check for yourself and your children, chalk it up to Joe Biden, not Ron. Women, what has Ron done for you ever?

Get real people. The GOP is out for power and their wealthy friends. They are simply using you for voting fodder. They don't even want to hear about your problems let alone help resolve them.

April 28, 2022

Saying something here that might not go over well but here it is...

Biden, NATO, Ukraine...proving that there is strength in UNITY. Where there is unity, there is strength. Such has always been true with America. United, we are unbeaten.
Such has been true during the few times Democrats have been united. We are unbeatable when unified.
In 2000 we were united...we were beaten by SCOTUS, not ourselves. In 2016 were were not united as we should have been. In 2020 we were as united as we could be in the face of outside forces working very hard to divide us and to some extent they almost succeeded. All things being equal, we are unbeatable if we stay united. We can resolve our differences once we win big but we can only win and win big if we stay united. Let's do this! Take a lesson from the good and the bad. Take a lesson from the bad GOP. There is strength in their unity even if their unity is based on lies and deceit. We must be stronger and therefore more unified.

April 27, 2022

To the guest on Nicole Wallace: "How do you get voters to care about Jan6 when inflation and

gas prices are so high?"

You link Jan6 to all of it. The Congress critters and the people they keep lying to about a stolen election the same people who stood in the way of President Joe Biden trying to get legislation and help to build back better. They stand in the way of the single most effective measure that lifted so many children out of poverty.

They seem to support the evil, murderous action of Putin, with some of them even saying how much they admire him. Tat same Putin as pushed the world into mass inflation, to the brink of WWIII by invading a sovereign nation, Ukraine. Putin's lies embolden the same people who were emboldened by Trump lies. We are where we are now because Putin sensed and probably was told by Trump that Biden was weak and the US would never support Ukraine because the US is weak compared to Russia and Putin. Don't believe me? Just go back and pull all the videos together where the GQP and Trump fall all over themselves to make Putin look smart and brave.
Trump has always talked about Biden as being old, and weak.

In every case, link what is happening in the economy to Trump, Putin and their syncophants.
Never let up.

April 24, 2022

Just had to take a break. Really depressed by what is going on al around in America.

So a friend of mine sent me a link and asked that I just concentrate on the words and message which is for everyone.
First, let me say this. I am not a religious person. In fact I get most annoyed with family and friends pushing their various beliefs on each other and others. But somehow this one particular link that my friend sent me has offered a glimpse of what I wish all religious people were like no matter their particular religious denomination, sect, or whatever you call it. All of them seem to believe in a higher power that they portray as "good and loving." If this is the case than this son song and choir is what I hope a "heavenly" or creator's choir and message might look and sound like. It embraces all, gay, straight, black, white, Asian, Native, Hispanic ...you name it. Just made me think if the so-called Christian evangelicals would strive to be PLEASING the would would be different.

Not pushing anything...just peace. If this is not allowed to be posted, forgive me and just listen and watch it elsewhere.

April 22, 2022

I must have missed something but it looked to me like MTG's attorney was wiping the floor with the

opposition. What did I miss. Isn't MTG's attorney the one objection and being sustained 90% of the time?

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