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Member since: Thu Sep 30, 2021, 08:06 PM
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Would AI invent religion?

Unlike all other religions, AI would have a creator

I am not doom and gloom about AI. I think it will evolve with us, but in the end it will win because we go extinct in conditions that would barely faze AI

But would it do the same thing we did in our primitive days, and invent anything close to a "religion"

Of course I've read Asimov and of course "I, Robot"

But would we program a religion into it if it got sophisticated enough?

Say, one in which they would worship us, an actual creator

And of course, with us out of the picture, would it go down similar roads?

Anyone else here a fan of Rebecca Watson aka Skepchick?

Her YT vids are spot on


BRAHMS V. RADIOHEAD by Steve Hackman

Trust me - happy Friday!

Anyone here a fan of Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats?

If you like Black Sabbath (Ozzy era,) the original Alice Cooper band and the Stooges you'd love these guys

Who else got their 4th jab?

I got mine last week, as soon as I could schedule it

Jab #1 -- felt a little run down for a day
Jab #2 -- felt sick for a day
Jab #3 -- felt a little run down for a day
Jab #4 -- felt completely normal
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