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AZLD4Candidate's Journal
AZLD4Candidate's Journal
April 9, 2024

Update on my wife's Green Card - It's all over. The four year soul destroying trek through immigration is done

At 11:17AM today, she was admitted into the country. She gets her green card in 45 days with a social security number.

With her admittance into the country on her IR1, she has I-551 authorization to start working immediately.

It's all over.

We will be in Western PA at 10:30 tonight and in our new home around 11:30PM.

April 6, 2024

Update on my wife's Green Card - all over but the travel

At 11:30PM Monday Phuket time we board our plane to Logan in Boston with a 2 hr layover in Incheon.

She doesn't need an immigrant visa package because the DoS has gone paperless as it says on her visa. She will go through first because of what happened in SEATAC (if you all remember that). I won't go through first and then watch her denied entry because a visa, even a spouse immigrant visa, does not guarantee entry. It's just an invitation to come. Embassy websites say that.

My parents bought us a house for our 10th anniversary. We will in our home outside Pittsburgh around 11:30PM on Tuesday Eastern Time.

99% done with this God damned four year odyssey.

April 6, 2024

Rant about educational hiring practices

I am a fully certified teacher. Master's degree in educational leadership. second master's in geographic systems (since I teach geography).
Dual BA in history/political science with double minors in economics and philosophy.
Multilingual. . .18 years experience ins five countries. 10 years of school leadership experience

In two days, my wife and I go back to the US. We're moving to PA.

This rant is about hiring practices. Districts have shortages between 10-25 percent depending on the area.

No district in the area we're moving to will consider me for teaching or administration for the following reasons:

1: I have AZ teaching cert and am moving to PA. I don't have THEIR certification yet. Will the districts assist and getting me through the process to transfer my certification? No. Will they do anything for that? No.

2: I have a master's in school leadership and experience. Do I have PA Principal cert? No. I've been told the master's degree means NOTHING.

In dealing with the first. . .they have a multi certified teacher in the area. One would think to hire the teacher and work with them to transfer the certification to PA so they have an experienced teacher in the classroom for the fall.

In dealing with the second one, PA has a Level #1 principal certification that is basically a certification with deficiencies that need to be fulfilled in order to move to a permanent Level #2. It's similar to the State Department's CR1 and IR1 green card visa. CR1 is a green card with qualifications because the couple has been married for less than two years. It's good for two years, then they need to re-interview, pay a fee, and then get the full ten year green card. IR1 is the full ten year green card.

There is a teacher shortage. States make transferring other state's certifications beyond cumbersome, time consuming, and expensive. School districts don't do anything to help people moving to a new state transfer their certification. Hell, they won't even interview.

All this for jobs that pay terribly, get attacked daily, are blamed for everything, and are treated like crap by parents, principals, politicians, and the public.

Do lawyers and doctors need to do this for their certifications moving to another state? Driver's don't. If I kept my Class A professional driver's license I had 20 years ago, all I'd need to do is fill out a form and pay a fee, so truck drivers don't need to do this. Do nurses? Do Beauticians?

We are making teaching worse and worse, harder and harder, and there's a reason my university, the U. of Arizona, only graduated 167 people with education degrees in Spring and Winter of 2023.

April 6, 2024

MAGAts have made it clear. They are beginning their march towards civil war

If they win, kiss the country's future goodbye. Assfaced Shitgibbon's rhetoric has energized them.
If they lose, expect violence. Assfaced Shitgibbon's rhetoric has energized them.

What you are watching now is what happened at the beginning of every place the Nazis took over pre 1939.

1: Inflammatory, quasi-patriotic, ultra-nationalistic rhetoric
2: Placing people in positions to rubber stamp
3: Using a media complex to launch a culture of personality
4: Soften up the people with non-stop doom and gloom
5: Political violence (like the arson of Bernie's office)
6: Using democracy to destroy it
7: Announcing the plans (Mein Kampf v. Heritage Foundation's Project 2024)
8: Trusting the opposition will be too weak or divided to fight back
9. Ramping up an us "the real citizens" v. them "the others" meaningless culture war to keep dividing people

This is what happened to:


Wake up! They are already at war.
April 4, 2024

Greene says Speaker Johnson is a 'Democrat,' comparable to Nancy Pelosi

Source: The Hill

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) on Wednesday likened Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) to a Democrat as she doubled down on threats to push forward with an effort to oust him from his post.

In a phone interview with CNN’s Manu Raju on Wednesday, Greene reportedly showed no sign of being deterred by warnings from within her conference to quell her resistance to Johnson. She sharply criticized Johnson for striking a bipartisan deal on a $1.2 trillion funding bill that averted a partial government shutdown.

Greene has attacked the bill for relying on Democratic votes for passage, lacking many GOP policy demands and not being released with sufficient time to read the full bill before voting.

Greene said she thinks Republicans around the country back her position, saying GOP voters are “furious that our so-called Christian conservative, Republican Speaker of the House did this to them,” Raju reported.

Read more: https://www.aol.com/news/greene-says-speaker-johnson-democrat-012758865.html

Redneck Barbie is an attention junkie and apparently didn't get enough of a fix in the last few hours.
April 3, 2024

Trump said he spoke to murder victim's family. The victim's sister said it never happened.

Donald Trump used his campaign event in Michigan on Tuesday to denounce what he called “Biden’s border bloodbath,” zeroing in on the case of a young woman killed by someone immigration officials say had entered the country illegally.

“She lit up that room, and I’ve heard that from so many people,” Trump said at a news conference in the hometown of the 25-year-old victim, Ruby Garcia. “I spoke to some of her family.”

But Garcia’s sister, acting as a family spokeswoman, said Tuesday that Trump and his campaign have not contacted her or other immediate relatives — and rebuked the GOP presidential nominee’s effort to make the case part of his calls for a border crackdown.

“It’s always been about illegal immigrants,” the victim’s sister, Mavi Garcia, told local news station Target 8. “Nobody really speaks about when Americans do heinous crimes, and it’s kind of shocking why he would just bring up illegals. What about Americans who do heinous crimes like that?”


He is such an opportunistic sociopath.
April 3, 2024

Donald Trump doubles down on 'bloodbath' warning as he criticizes Joe Biden's handling of the border

Former President Donald Trump returned to the campaign trail Tuesday and, in two battleground states, again employed the violent imagery of a "bloodbath," this time to link crime and illegal border crossings.

"There's never been a border like this," Trump said while criticizing President Joe Biden during a prepared speech in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Standing behind a podium sign that read "Stop Biden's Border Bloodbath," Trump noted that he was criticized for using the term during a rally last month in Ohio. In that case, he used it to allege the American auto industry would suffer under U.S. trade practices.

April 3, 2024

Video shows California deputies fatally shooting abducted teen as she surrenders

Source: AP

A teenage girl who had been kidnapped by her father was following a sheriff's deputy's instructions and appeared to be surrendering when other deputies fatally shot her during a gun battle on a Southern California highway, according to recently released video and audio.

Savannah Graziano, 15, was shot and killed as she ran toward San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputies amid a hail of gunfire on Sept. 27, 2022. Her father, 45-year-old Anthony Graziano, was also fatally shot.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department released the audio and video clips, including a heavily produced and narrated 15-minute video, on Friday in response to public records requests made by The Associated Press and other media outlets. The deputies did not have body-worn cameras, but video footage was recorded by a sheriff’s helicopter and witness dashboard cameras.

Before Savannah and her father were shot, deputies pursued Graziano’s pickup truck for some 70 miles (110 kilometers), including along Highway 15. A helicopter crew following the chase reported shots fired from the driver’s side. Other shots were fired from the passenger’s side, according to a deputy and a passing motorist. It is unclear who was shooting from the pickup truck.

Read more: https://www.aol.com/video-shows-deputies-killing-kidnapped-023757083.html

I'm expecting cop defenders to defend this. They shot and killed the victim.

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