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Profile Information

Name: Tom Conroy
Gender: Male
Hometown: CT
Home country: USA
Current location: Langley, Virginia
Member since: Sat Mar 6, 2021, 08:56 PM
Number of posts: 7,113

About Me

Member of NAFO. Living large on an enormous CIA paycheck.

Journal Archives

The Best Judy Garland video Evah?

Everyone around her stole all her money. The phenomenal talent leaves you breathless.

I Happen To Like New York - Bobby Short

Words and music by Cole Porter. Pretty much a signature song for Bobby Short when he reigned over the Cafe Carlyle

You're The Top - Cole Porter

You're The Top: You're A Coolidge Dollar!

My Favorite Year - Michael Feinstein

Didn't make it into the movie, for some reason.

At Long Last Love - Bobby Short

The way it was at the Cafe Carlyle.

Garry Wills on the true Catholic position on abortion


My wife is his protege. She emailed him to say that when he gets excommunicated, the Quakers will take him in.

These Foolish Things - Rosemary Clooney

Back in the day, you could impress a girl dancing cheek to cheek to this one.

I'm watching Mad Men again!

I haven't watched it since it originally aired. I own all of the DVDs. My wife and I are going to watch an episode a night.
I remember when I first saw it. Season one had already aired. But AMC was running it in a 24 hour loop just prior to the start of Season 2. I was flipping channels one Saturday afternoon, came across the middle of some episode and decided I would watch for a few minutes. I could barely tear myself away six hours later.
I aspire to be Don Draper but I'm afraid I'm really Roger Sterling.
Now where did I put my martini shaker?

Joe Frazier knocks out Rudy!

I read some of the appellate opinion suspending Rudy from the bar. It makes for interesting reading. It is very specific about the lies Rudy told, the specific instances where Rudy told the lie (including specific dates of his radio broadcast) and the reasons Rudy must have known it was a lie.
One such lie, which I wasn't aware of, which was told numerous times, was that someone had voted using the name of the late great boxer Joe Frazier. The court decimated Rudy. Frazier's name had been removed from the Philadelphia voting rolls a few months after Frazier's death in 2012.
Years after his death Joe Frazier was able to knock Rudy out of the ring!

Is social dancing The Answer

For single men in search of a mate? Just a few days ago a fellow DUer was complaining about internet dating.
I thought I would expand a thought I had into a more general post. Is there a type of music that you like? Today there is someone teaching every form of dancing from hip hop to foxtrot. I'm not talking about highly choreographed performance dancing but rather social dancing, where you learn a half dozen or so moves and look pretty good on the dance floor.
I love the music of the big bands and the Great American Songbook. It took a while, but I got pretty good at Swing and the Foxtrot, ok at the waltz, never too good at those latin dances. When I started I didn't really have an idea of meeting woman. I just wanted to be able to dance to the music that I loved. But it turns out that a lot of woman like the idea of being held when they dance. I don't think I was ever turned down when I proposed: "I love big band music. Would you like to go out dancing some night?"
I suspect the same would hold true for any type of dancing.
Will someone marry you just because you can dance. Not likely. But it does add something to the package. I do think it was one of the reasons my wife decided to marry me. Our wedding song was a swingy version of Cole Porter's 'Night and Day'.
Years ago we were at an academic dinner and my wife was sitting next to an attractive woman in her thirties and for some reason I became the subject of their talk. At some point in the conversation the young woman exclaimed: 'You mean he can dance too? Where on earth did you find him?'
I still have to blush.
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