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Hometown: Kansas
Home country: USA
Current location: Kansas
Member since: Mon Dec 14, 2020, 10:27 AM
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About Me

Bleeding heart liberal, in the mold of FDR, and damned proud of it! Retired, still doing web work and teaching. Still rescuing animals and finding, as well as giving, them warm, loving homes. My personal belief: all alive are precious; everything living on earth forms an interconnected network - much like a neural network. Most of us have forgotten, or never learned, how to tap into it. Of course, there are those that totally ignore the interconnectedness. Mostly Republicans/Libertarians (YMMV)

Journal Archives

Am I so strange?

My sister was (teasingly) laughing at me on Christmas Eve. Normally, in my house, I have about 10 cats, 2 of whom are old queens in their 20's. One is 20; one is 24. We also have a 2-yr old "puppy" who is about 90 pounds of all kinds of hound mix. The cats who want it get mushy food; the others who want it get kibble. All Fancy Feast, or better, depending on what they'll eat at the time. The oldsters get what a little bit better mix depending on their current needs. Yes, we cater to the cats.

To ensure the dog doesn't eat all the cat food, the cats have a separate room in the back of the house all to themselves, tho in the winter it's cold and I don't like the older cats to go back there. So, I keep a separate large bowl of kibble filled at all times in the middle of the kitchen table. Note... the "kitchen table" is not a place we eat. It's not a place *anyone* eats, except for the cats! (LOL) WE eat in the family room. When we hold gatherings, etc., food is all over the place. Cats leave it alone, they have their own. Friends are all over the house. (vaxxed and boosted, of course)

Okay, you get the picture. Now, my sister comes thru the house, laughing and meets me in the hall between the back and front of house saying "most people have a bowl of fruit in the center of their kitchen table. Only my sister has a bowl of cat kibble in the center of hers." She wasn't being mean. She meant it good heartedly, she knows I'd do anything for my cats. But it got me wondering... am I really so weird? I mean, there IS a plastic tablecloth between the bowl and the table, in case I did want to use it for anything else. My hubby and I are alone in this old house with just our critters most of the time; we never gave it a thought. I guess we've become crazy critter people? Anyone else out there resemble us?

Don Jr's "Turn the Other Cheek" bible "reference"

I posted this as a reply at https://www.democraticunderground.com/100216184510, but thought I should cross post it over here. It jacks my jaws that the focus of the story is being taken off WHAT was said and turned toward the stupidity of Don Jr and away from his bastardization of the words of Christ.

The focus on the rawstory site is on the Wehner story not so much on what don jr said. And, even in the comments, it was practically all on don jr., his coke and grifting ways. NOT about what he said, what he was trying to say, not about how he was trying to manipulate the audience. I did not read the original Atlantic story. If you did, maybe you'll fill in the blanks in the comments section. If so, I would dearly appreciate it. I've gone through all my "free" articles for this month.

Couple this talk with the seminars being held around the country by the Dominionists *right now* (here, at Xmas time!) about how "we" can no longer hold back peacefully, but must take hold the mountains of power. These have been publicized on the 'Net, in papers, on TV, and in other ways. The Dominionists are making their moves now. They're starting to consolidate their power. I think they're concerned they may NOT take back the presidency in 2024. I'm actually afraid *we* won't, but it makes me smile to think they're unsure. But that means we're in for a VERY rough couple of years.

Dominionists believe lies, deceit, murder, any sin they have to commit will be forgiven if it's done in the name of the Lord for the glory of bringing His world to this world. And it's not just a theocratic America they aim for. It's Armageddon they truly desire. They truly wish to bring about the conditions to bring on the Apocalypse. Trump and his people can do this without even being in power. They keep sticking their nose where it doesn't belong and we don't slap it out of there. They have people in the middle east, in Russia, in China, in Ukraine, ostensibly on "business trips", etc. They can make all kinds of trouble.

Being Pagan with a Charismatic Evangelical background makes me supersensitive to these people and what they can do and what are likely doing when I see them in the news. I know what they've had planned for decades. They're not Millerites.

But being who I am, even with my background, makes me a poor person to raise the alarm among Christians of good faith. And it's these people who have GOT to start pushing back. You must proclaim AND reclaim your faith before you LOSE your faith altogether. There will only be one way to worship after this is over, and it will be in the manner and form of the Dominionist. Christ, the Redeemer, is lost to us, except silently in our hearts. His gentle, loving, peaceful style of living and teaching is lost to all of us, Christian and Pagan, alike. Please, those who follow HIS ways, speak out for HIM now, and against what Don Jr is saying, especially in this time when we celebrate a hopefulness of Peace on Earth, Goodwill towards Men.


This is more phone related than computer, but didn't know where else to put it. Here's the situation. Hubby and I have been with AT&T for our cell service forever. We'd really like to take advantage of some lower cost solutions with Spectrum, especially since our cable and Internet is with them and we could probably score a lower overall deal with them. But we don't know anyone personally who has Spectrum Wi-Fi. Everyone we know has AT&T or Cricket or Boost Mobile.

Does anyone here have any experience using Spectrum Wi-Fi for their Cell phone and, if so, what was your opinion on coverage, outage rate, etc? Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!!
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