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slightlv's Journal
slightlv's Journal
June 13, 2024

Netflix - All the Light We Cannot See

Has anyone else watched this 4 episode limited series? I just watched it in one four hour session. What a series!!!! I cannot recommend this series enough. I don't know if it's won any awards, or is up for any, but it should sweep them all, as far as I'm concerned.

Without giving too much away, it's based on a island in France, San Malo, when the Nazi's occupied it. You can find any number of side stories in it... the French Resistance, how relationships are changed during wartime, and the power of love. What will stand out to you is what is strongest within you, as a person. This series *mirrors* the person who watches it, I'm convinced. At one point, watching a german in a camp where young boys were trained, interact with one of the boys conscripted and forced into this camp, I found myself saying harshly, "Maga!"... which actually surprised me, that the Magas have made that much of an impact on my life, that the evil has left it's mark on my soul. Some of you may never see that within the show; some of you may see other things that are touchstones for you.

But the interplay between black and white photography and color photography is so artfully done, that one person would swear the whole movie was one way, while the person sitting next to him will swear the opposite.

I didn't find the series to be one of uplift and hope, although I definitely can see how some might feel that way. I think the whole thing just blew me away so much there is no one emotion I can attach to it. I don't speak like this about to many shows. I think the original "Avatar" was the last one for me. In the context of impact on my soul (?) All the Light we Cannot See blew Avatar away for me. This is one series I will remember for the rest of my life... it's that strong in what it has to say to each who sees it, IMO.

Of course, YMMV... it might have been just the right time for me to see it to come away feeling this way. But artistically, this movie is fantastic. In terms of story, I think it's fantastic. There's nothing I'd take away; and nothing I'd add to it. It ended right where it needed to end.

If you haven't seen it, I recommend carving out a few hours to devote to it. I don't think you'll feel they're wasted. I don't like war movies, as a general rule. I almost didn't watch this because of that. But this is SO much more than a war movie.

Good viewing to everyone!

May 31, 2024

My mood is beyond elation, but I can trace it back to the news today.

Suddenly, there's a feeling of hope. It got me to wondering where we were in the process of heading into Aquarius. Now, I'm not an Astrologer. I don't do charts, per se. I've been stuck at the Natal stage forever. My go-to is the Tarot. But I wondered if we were done wandering the Retrograde path between Capricorn and Aquarius.

Reached out to friend much more knowledgeable than I, and this is what he wrote me:

Pluto will retrograde back into Capricorn from Sept 1 to Nov 19, 2024. The election on Nov 5th will occur while Pluto is in Capricorn, but Pluto will move into Aquarius 2 weeks later and stay there for about 20 years. Pluto went Retrograde May 2, but is presently in Aquarius.

That looks good, in that we’re almost done with the Retrograding back and forth that’s been happening for the last couple of years. BUT, I don’t like Pluto in Cap during the Election. Of course, other transits can have even more influence than Pluto. But if nothing else, it shows that this might be the LAST election where the corporate billionaires reign supreme. This is their last gasp. From here on out, we should be seeing changes more along the lines of humanitarianism. Of course, not all of those changes are going to fit all of us.

For example, I can see changes coming in SS, to bring it or supplement it more in line with a UBS. We’re going to have to be flexible in how our needs are met… but I do believe they WILL be met, one way or another.

I also see the near coming future being one in which we might get Universal Healthcare passed in some form or another. Again, not everyone will probably like it.

But that’s Aquarius! We’re high minded humanitarians… we have a hell of a lot of ideas. But we need others like Sag, etc., to actually push us to get things done. In addition, our Humanitarianism is “the greatest good for the greatest number” type of action. A lot of us Aquarians are not great with the one-on-one (tho not all of us!). Many of us are seen as “standoffish” when first meeting someone. But once you become more than an acquaintance, there’s nothing an Aquarian won’t do for you.

This is the world I hope we’re now making firm steps towards…. I’ll tell you like I’m telling myself: it’s coming to a new beginning. Just hang in there. We just need to rip the business/wealth mindset to shreds by the election. Then we can start working on the world WE envision - both today, and the glorious world we envisioned back in our late teens and 20's! All hail the Age of Aquarius!

If anyone else more knowledgeable than me wants to jump in and add more to this... please! Be my guest!!! If you've got any idea of the transits around election time, that'd be most excellent!

Brightest Blessings, ya'll!

Enjoy this! And let it give you the surge of goosebumps it gave me.

May 30, 2024

This almost pulled hubby in this morning....

Thankfully, his phone is broken and he didn't want to borrow mine until he asked. THIS IS A SCAM!!! But it looks so official and sounds so scary, it had him really shaking. He wanted to call the phone number immediately!

This presents itself as from: FANNIE MAE MORTGAGE


It states:

It is important you contact our office at (1-800-874-2394) upon receiving this notice to avoid any unnecessary delays in your coverage before 06/07/2024.

This notice is to inform you that you not have contacted us yet to get your Home Warranty up to date.
Please call immediately as this will be our final attempt to notify you about activating your Home Warranty.
Failure to call and prevent lapse of coverage could result in you being liable for all costs associated with any hope repairs.
We reserve the right to revoke your eligibility for service coverage after the expiration date. (snip) Please respond immediately!

That's the basics of the letter. I just skimmed it as Hubs handed it to me and told him it was obviously a scam. Showed him where, at top left corner it said "Home Warranty Division"... Fannie Mae has never been in the Home Warranty business. Plus, I reminded him we don't have a mortgage, thru Fannie Mae or anyone else. We own the house outright (other than taxes!). Also reminded him he turned down my suggestion we put a Home Warranty Service into the bid when we bought the house.

That calmed him down. But with the official-ness of the look of this letter... all spelling correct in the whole letter. Only a few weird capitalized letters here and there, it looked legit... especially the heading that said: 2024 -- FINAL NOTICE.

I hate these things scare him so bad. He's four years older than me, and a hell of a lot more trusting and naive than I am. To anyone hip to scams, this one is easy to spot. But just in case, wanted to let you all know the home warranty business is getting really pushy for business. If I ever get one of these idiots on the phone, I'm going to give them one hell of a piece of my mind!!! In fact, just for kicks, I may call this number and do just this... while also reporting them to the Better Business Bureau here in KS.

Stay alert and Frosty out there! All these multi-millionaires are getting concerned they're not going to get everything we own, now that T has run into so much trouble!

April 8, 2024

Hubby just had a heart attack.

I'm headed back to the ER (which is urgent care here, since we have no hospital in this little town anymore). They'll be transferring him to a hospital in KC for catherization in a little bit. I just got all the animals fed and taken care of, and am headed out the door. I also got a message from my sis that her husband's sister (we all grew up together) just had a stroke.

Eclipse... devils comet... huge planetary alignment... Everyone stay safe. At least for me, this has not started out to be the best of days!

Could use some good thoughts sent our way, if you have any to spare! I think tonight will be the first night I've spent alone and away from hubby since we moved to this little town.

April 1, 2024

My bookmarks were hacked on google.

I managed to get everything I needed back to normal, but I'm missing one... and didn't realize it until just now. Unfortunately, I don't remember what the full name of the site is, but it has been posted on DU many times as a link. Trying to do a search on DU has proven frustrating... it is such a common word that even advanced search hasn't helped.

I believe it was a wordpress site, and it had "signal" in the name. It's a religious blog by someone who is a staunch democrat. I love his writing, and his blogs are so good. Like I said, he's been linked to many times on DU... does anyone know the blog I'm talking about? Please post me the URL, if so. Thanks!

April 1, 2024

I have a problem that is effecting my life horribly.

I do have lupus, fibromyalgia, and a bad back. I take hydrocodone for the pain; and an off label old drug for the fibro issues. Other than that, I'm on Effexor for anxiety and depression, and a blood pressure drug. But this ailment, while I've suffered from it for lots of years, is getting worse and impacting my life.

Since I was a child, I always knew I was a "night person." I used to crawl under the covers with the Funk and Wagnells unabridged dictionary and read til the wee hours, because not only did I love finding out about words, but I just wasn't sleepy. This has always made my life hard, because of course, life isn't set up to deal with people like me.

A few years ago, it got so bad I just couldn't go to sleep at night at all. It'd be 5am before I even began to feel sleepy. I thought it was part and parcel of the fibro. It, along with not being able to work out a telework situation with the DoD, led me to retire from work... which I hate. I wasn't ready to stop working, I just needed to work within the confines of my fibro, lupus, and THIS condition.

Over the last few months this has gotten worse, tho. I'm lucky if can go to sleep before 7am, and I sleep all day. Sometimes, I can sleep 10-12 hours, and when I wake up I feel worse than when I went to sleep. In addition, I have horrible brain fog, and I'm clumsy as hell. I can fall getting out of bed or trying to get dressed. Going into the kitchen to try to fix something to eat, I'll drop everything... my hands are so clumsy and shaky. I feel like I could go back to bed a few hours later and sleep another night's worth of sleep without any problem. Needless to say, I don't have a life, and I hate it. I mean, this is getting so bad it's bordering on suicidal. I have friends I'd like to get together with, but they're living a "normal" life. I can never be around when they're up and going. I actually like being with them, and the "aloneness" is driving me bonkers. My animals are even upset with me, and I don't blame them. I miss being with them, but I have no energy and no stamina... not to mention steadiness to play with them, especially my 100lb dog. One good swipe from his tail and he knocks me down -- I'm 4'9" and 95 pounds on a good day.

I thought this might have to do with my meds, so despite dealing with the chronic pain, I stopped everything I was taking that said it could make me sleepy. It had no effect. I still do "drug holidays" to try to see if it'll change. But so far, all it does is give me more pain when I AM awake.

A month or so ago, I saw an add come across my phone and I actually read it. It was advertising a medicine (which sounds like a pain to use) for something called "idiopathic hypersomnia." Has anyone heard about this, know anything about this? I did enough research to know that even the Mayo Clinic talks about it... so I have to think it's actually something real... not made up by drug companies to sell more drugs. But I checked off every damn symptom they talk about.

I have an appt with my doc on the 29th of next month, and I'm gonna tell her about this and what I've tried to do, both before knowing a "name" and afterwards. But if anyone has every known anyone with this, or has it yourself, I'd love to know what you've tried, if anything helped, and how you cope. I'm at the end of my rope.

February 16, 2024

We have got to get DeJoy out of our mail system!

This is getting completely ridiculous! We are getting dunned because mail sent out to us on the 5th doesn't get to us until after the 13th! (This just happened to us and cost us a total of $131.00)

Some days we get no mail at all. Other days, we'll get two... even three mail drops. Seriously... and those extra maildrops aren't usually made by mailtrucks - they're made by UPS!

Anyone else seeing this? Do we we still have a complaint page up on whitehouse.com? Can we bring these types of complaints? This is really getting ridiculous. We live on a (very) fixed budget, and these are things are you can't budget for. DeJoy is costing us real money, and real peace of mind. Not to mention, you have no idea when a certain piece of mail sent out will get to it's needed drop.

February 12, 2024

Thank you!

I'm blown away at receiving hearts! You've done this old heart a lot of good, I'd like you to know. I've not been in a great place over the last couple of weeks - feeling really old, small, and like there was no place for me anymore. You have no idea what an uplift it is to see the message "Someone gave you a heart!" Little things can have a huge impact on someone's life. The playful attitude my cats are now displaying are proof of that. They pick up on Mama's feelings pretty easy.

So, from the bottom of my heart... thank you SO much for caring - about me, about DU, about all the family that we are here.

November 29, 2023

Since the bitter cold hit, my disabilities

have kept me in bed for a majority of the days. Because of that, I've been using my phone to access DU. Since DU4, it's been great and easy to use... until day before yesterday (Monday, 11/27). I'd been using the phone to read DU quite a bit that day and everything was going great until sometime in the mid-afternoon (I think). At that time, everything on the page got jumbled.

Instead of there being tabs at top for Nav and My Stuff, each of those tabs is spelled out completely on the same page, one line per item. In addition, the fonts are really screwed up. There are lines that are written on top of the preceding line, for example; rendering all unreadable.

Further, the width is screwed up on the phone. There is no longer a maximum width that fits the viewable section of the phone.

Even the comments, themselves, are screwed up.

I had changed over to "Skinner mode" and up until Monday, it was working fine. Thinking that perhaps this was an issue now (for some reason), I changed preferences to all other modes, one at a time. However, nothing straightened out at any of the attempts.

The phone, for reading DU, is now extremely hard. It's impossible if I want to read the comments and add my own voice.

Is anyone else having any of these problems with their phones? I use a Samsung Android (the latest smartphone, as of last year). I'll admit I'm much more proficient on a computer. I guess I'm just an old lady when it comes to this smartphone. I just can't understand why, after I opened an article in DU and read it, and then clicked to go back to the front page, that page was then screwed up, and all of DU has been screwed up since on my phone.

Like I said, I'm disabled and using the phone for a lot of things while I'm laying out in the bed. I've brought my laptop into the bedroom and have been using it, but I really liked the mobile DU app when I was first using it. What could have gone wrong? What in the world did I do to screw things up so badly?!

Thanks for any help you can give me...

November 23, 2023

I lost my little black cat today...

Izzie, who made it the very ripe old age of 23 last month, died this morning. She was one of a kind... attitude in a very small package. She was a Japanese Bobtail, and so we gave her the name Izanami (after a Japanese Goddess). And Goddess, she was. Izzie, despite never weighing more than 8 pounds, ruled a house filled with other cats and dogs. No one messed with her. They respected her! (LOL)

I knew the last couple of days the end was coming, and last night when she came to bed, she crawled up on my chest and spent most of the night sleeping there. I woke up once and thought I'd lost her, but she moved her head to let me know she was still with me. Sometime after I went back to sleep, she left us. I know she made it to breakfast, cause hubs said he fed her. I think it was shortly afterwards she died.

I'm grateful to have spent most of the night with her on my chest, and my hands stroking her, loving her close to me. There's a great big hole today, tho. How strange, for such a tiny cat...

Until that time I meet her on the Rainbow Bridge, I'll miss her every day...

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