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Member since: Sun Sep 6, 2020, 06:32 PM
Number of posts: 5,597

About Me

59 y/o guy stuck in red Texas

Journal Archives

The World is watching


McCarthy is getting an ass kicking

and he looks like it.

He cornered the idiots into agreeing

Mitt Romney is standing and applauding

everything being said

Thanks for the Hearts, Be Mine

McCarthy just admitted

the President of the United States to be escorted into the house chamber,

that oughta shut the election deniers up.

State of the union, C-span link


I think we know who our 2024 Presidential candidate will be

President Joe Biden if he seeks another term.
Who will be the rethug candidate and who will win their primary ?
Since we know and all are united on our candidate should we sport a bumper sticker for the rethug candidate that is most likely to lose the primary in order to sew confusion in the rethugs little brain ?....
No trump stickers though.

Check this out


Fmr. Governor Asa Hutchinson's son arrested for DWI, possession of drugs and guns

KATV Little Rock
Asa Hutchinson's son, William Asa Hutchinson III, was arrested by the Benton County Sheriff's Office on Friday, Jan. 13.
The former Arkansas governor's 47-year-old son, who has been charged with multiple DWI offenses in recent years, faces even more serious charges now.
In addition to being charged with refusal to submit to chemical testing, violation of the omnibus DWI act, and possession of a controlled substance, William has been charged with simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms.

That last charge could mean that William spends up to 40 years or life in prison if convicted.
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