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Profile Information

Name: Mary
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Miami
Home country: United States
Member since: Sat Jul 4, 2020, 12:14 PM
Number of posts: 7,957

About Me

I was a member since the beginning of DU, but drifted away. During Trump, I decided to come back to the community of like-minded people for support and hope. In my last iteration here, I hit 10,000 posts, but will start again!

Journal Archives

"The Real Hidden Enemy is Communism"

I just can't anymore. That was a sign shown just now in an MSNBC clip on Nicoll's show of Jan 6


It's new footage to me. Nyt mapped out sequence of jan6 events by reviewing thousands of videos.

I like rice-a-roni for dinner

just RaR. That is all.

Got my continuing paperwork for SSDI

just got, as did my SO who is helping me, copious paperwork further inquiring about my conditions for SSDI. Seemed to come fast. One question is is do I have a pet. Weird.

We'll sit down and work on it Sunday.

Hope all are well and dealing.

does anyone here ruminate?

my therapist and I are working on negative anticipatory stress and mindfulness.

Full disclosure: I'm assuming stress is causing this, but I tend to run potential conversations through my head that never happened or I think should happen. And I've been trying to stop. It makes me feel like I'm looney tunes.

I feel our brains get used to certain thoughts, negative or positive, and thinking them constantly almost makes a groove in our thought processes. Like a roller coaster track.

Thank God I have DU for distraction!

"The mysterious Melania Trump"

just called that by Andrea Mitchell.

Menopausal brain fog? Meds? Both

I did well in school and never usually, had a problem learning new things.

Reading and vocabulary were my Forte. I was reading college level in grade school.

Tonight, I ruined pasta sauce mix by continually reading 2 cups, not 2 cans. I got so upset I started to cry. Wth is wrong?

The sauce looked watery, so I rechecked the box directions, and it said cans, not cups.

Applied online for SSDI today

remembering some dates was a bit difficult. Took about an hour and a half. I am permitting them to access my medical records, but I'm also supposed to mail records into the state's social security in the state capital.

I also filled out the paperwork for my short-term disability insurance. They denied me the last time, and I had to get a lawyer, who got me money.

Just stressed due to paying a very large CC bill.

I'm so sad my life turned out like this. Thanks for listening

Seeking opinions about job application

I saw a job right near my home in my field. I live in a small city where many people know each other, and it is a red, right-to-work state.

Sooo, I thought I would give it a whirl. However, and I have applied for many, many jobs over the years...the terms of employment are weird. The terms, paraphrasing, said that they could talk to my neighbors, relatives, co-workers, etc about my character and general characteristics, my way of being. I am out on FMLA leave due to stress currently.

It also says that, if employment is offered to me, then rescinded, they can tell any future employers about my "termination" and the hospital will not be held liable for doing so. I've never seen such language before in a terms-of-employment for a job application.

Having a mental illness, a do miss a lot of work. It may call my current supervisor, who is a nut, and who slapped my hand. I posted about that here weeks ago.

I stopped the application due to a hinky feeling. Do I really want to work at a place with such terms? I have nothing to hide and have been gainfully employed since 1987- 26 years' post- Master's degree. But, still.

This has upset me, since I was thinking this would be a way to get out of my current situation. Am I being too sensitive?

I am pretty sure they will call my employer. I don't want them to know I am out on FMLA.

Any thoughts?

Finally, rest and relaxation in the NC. Mountains

just arrived at the air bnb my cousin rented us in Blowing Rock. My doctor said my job is to rest and relax- I'm off work for a month due to stress.

It feels so good to get away. I hope I start feeling better. We're here 4 nights.

Finally, rest and relaxation in the NC mountains

just arrived at the air bnb my cousin rented us in Blowing Rock. My doctor said my job is to rest and relax- I'm off work for a month due to stress.

It feels so good to get away. I hope I start feeling better. We're here 4 nights.

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