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KS Toronado

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Member since: Wed Mar 25, 2020, 01:07 AM
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Really??? The RNC is starting to call us "Fascists???

Rather than encouraging their dying base to get vaccinated, the official Republican National Committee stance is
that 700,000 pandemic deaths are nothing compared to the "EVIL" "UN-AMERICAN" "fascist" demand that
Americans pitch in to get us to herd immunity.


This goes back to "It takes one to know one", they are always projecting, time we started calling them Fascists.

Kansas plan for extra nurses' pay stalls over GOP concerns

reQublicOns are basically saying "Nurses who are vaccinated don't deserve hazardous duty pay"


Kansas man out over $100,000 and our Attorney General doesn't care.

"Johnson County judge..... asked the Kansas State Attorney General to weigh in before he issues his ruling. The Kansas Justice Institute..... arguing the government should not be allowed to destroy Martinezí car for an act he did not commit. But, weeks after the hearing, the Attorney General has decided he will not get involved in the case,"

Our Attorney General (Derek Schmidt) running for Governor is unable or unwilling to issue a ruling on such a simple matter, this should be used against him on the campaign trail. If he can't make little decisions, we surely don't need him making big ones.
Entire article here......


This is how we could use "The Big Lie" to our advantage

Remember the old saying "The first liar doesn't have a chance" ? Well the R's have been telling a whopper
ever since they lost to Biden fair & square. They have even convinced people to storm the Capitol because
Dominion voting machines were all being hacked in favor of Democrats. So let's just agree with them that
ALL voting machines can be hacked, and the solution is paper ballots only. But watch R congress people
all vote against going paper ballots only and demand we keep voting machines. And why would they do
that? Simple, they enjoy hacking some brands of voting machines but are unable to use the Dominion
made ones to their advantage, that's why they only attack one company. Live debates in Congress over
this issue should be entertaining.

Per #4 below " its harder to hack mail in ballots so we should expand them."
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