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KS Toronado

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Member since: Wed Mar 25, 2020, 01:07 AM
Number of posts: 2,705

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First thing we need to do if they overturn Roe vs Wade

Is pass a law that states since a woman who wants an abortion obviously doesn't want a child and the man by refusing a vasectomy or wearing protection obviously DOES want a child to raise and nurture, then when the child is born it'll be the man's responsibly to raise the child with no financial help or babysitting from the mother. Surely republican congressMEN would vote for this knowing they'll be raising future republican voters their mistresses supplied them. Their wives being "Pro Life" would be more than happy with this arrangement. RepubliCONs have made women's lives difficult for years, it's time to put the shoe on the other foot.

Has anyone received their mail-in ballots in the mail yet? Thought I should have today.

I meant for Kansas, was supposed to be mailed state wide yesterday, figured if election office took them yesterday to local post office, should have had them today. Election office phone busy all day, lots of people calling I assume.

Are Amy Coney Barrett's evasive answers today because of

her need to check in with her secret church cult handlers?

Moscow Mitch is proving what an A$$hole he is

Don't know how to copy & paste it, so if someone could help, it's only an 18 second clip


When Pence asked Kamala about plans on stacking the Supreme Court

I wish she would have given him the eye and asked " You mean like you republicans are doing right now? "

Kansas Senate President Susan Wagle on gerrymandering

Basically she's saying, we need to cheat in order to win the hearts and minds of the voters. Full article here.........


tRump only treated by Walter Reed doctors who will sign nondisclosure agreements.

Two doctors who wouldn't sign NDAs were never allowed to see him. But oh no voters, we aren't hiding anything. Full article here.


Dr. Barbara Bollier, meet and greet

Join Dr. Barbara Bollier, Kansas Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, in Hays Saturday, October 10 for a Lawn Chair Chat.

She will first make a stop at the Downtown Hays Farmers Market, 10th and Main, (10am) and then proceed to Frontier Park East, south Highway 183, for the Lawn Chair Chat.

This is your chance to learn about Barbara, her campaign, and ask questions about how she’ll be a voice of reason for Kansans.

To ensure your safety and the safety for those around us please bring both a folding chair and a face covering. Coverings are required for this event.

For questions about this event please email [email protected]

Is tRump ever gonna tweet " Start wearing MASKS " ?

You'd think by now he's aware of their value to the public.

Trump makes me feel great again

Trump makes him feel like a kid again

It took four years to hit me. The president's supporters love him for everything negative his critics say about him. They know that he lies without shame and gets away with it. That makes him admirable.
Since he overtly supports racists and conspiracy kooks,they can too. The man with the golden toilets with his nose in the air, who calls Democrats elitists, proclaims his selfishness and it makes them feel good. He is in court fighting to remove existing conditions but lies saying he supports it. They like that lie.
We are aware he never paid his casino and hotel construction workers. They laugh at those suckers who believed they'd get paid. Cheating is an effective way to get ahead. It's good business.
After all this time, all of those things I was punished for as a kid are now virtues. He makes me feel great again.

Tom Ward, Salina

Wish he would have mentioned rape, was taught that was wrong also.
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