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Member since: Mon Mar 16, 2020, 05:36 PM
Number of posts: 2,120

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What will the reaction be when there are not enough hospital beds

Or medical personal.

The unvaxed will be surprised maybe.

Pissed off.

With school starting we looking at a lot of sick kids.

The hospitals are already overwhelmed.

What will the death count have to be before the anti types get their shots.

I am guessing for some no amount of dead bodies will matter.

They are totally brain dead.

I was taught to say please and thank you.

Respect my elders.

Hold doors for people.

Just to be a decent person.

Yesterday at the grocery store there was a old couple trying to unload their groceries into their car.

They were having a hard time.

I stopped to help.

No big deal.

A lot of younger people passed them by.

It didn't take but a few minutes to help.

The couple just kept thanking me but it wasn't necessary.

My neighbor next just broke down when we were talking over the fence.

Her husband has a heart condition and can not be around the virus.

They have been house bound since last year.

Everything delivered.

I bought her some new jigsaw puzzles, Target has them on clearance.

She has had it with the fools who will not take the shot but can.

Her husband would if he could.

She has her garden to work in but she is trapped at home because of the virus.

She is getting depressed.

Keep an eye on your neighbors and friends.

I can get out but she can't .

I am pissed off now.

So on Friday I walked in a hotel lobby into super spreader event, I left quickly.

The lobby was full of young folks in swimming suits going to a pool party in the back.

No masks and very little clothes.

The lobby was packed.

I always wear a mask and have my shots so I was protected.

There was a big party in the back, outside but still.

The people looked to be in their 20's or so.

All I could see was the virus jumping around.

I hope they had their shots.

How many will get sick from this.

Jesus H.Christ we will never get rid of this virus will we.


They are adults except for one.

It is so stupid.

Well it is up to 15 young people I know sick from the virus.

They go to very sick to a minor cases.

The ages are from 17 to about 35.

I fear it will get worse.

No shots for what ever reason.

Young people think they will never get sick.

Passed my two week mark with my last shot.

Guess I am good to go.

Feel a lot better.

So my quiet neighbors just had it out with no vaccine daughter.

It was loud, on the street.

My neighbor told do not come back without proof of your two shots.

My neighbors have their two shots.

No more yard visits.


The daughter is a jerk.

The daughter works in the public.

Her parents are in their 70's.

The father has a heart condition.

Damn I do not get it.

Get the damn shot if you can.

I guess now with the virus Memorial Day has an extra meaning.

Not only the war dead but those died from the virus.

Damn it.

One of my neighbors back in Houston died.

His wife is very ill.

Both in their late 80's.


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