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Member since: Wed Mar 11, 2020, 01:07 AM
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I was really happy when I heard Trump was going to start holding rallies again...

I want Trump to be in front of a camera and talking from here to election day.

Any time over the past few months that Trump speaks in public, his approval rating crash and Biden gains in head to head polls.

Trump has always said dumb/horrible things, but it seems like the teflon he used to have has worn off and now people are seeing through him more. This testing thing he dropped tonight is worse than any "gaffe" I can ever remember. He just admitted that he wanted to run a coverup on coronavirus. He's got 120k+ dead Americans and he's complaining that the testing designed to help save lives is hurting him politically.

I say keep it going, let's get in up there committing further political suicide in front of a crowd smaller than a Molly Hatchet concert.

Labor department mistake vastly underestimates unemployment rate in Fridays report according to WAPO

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