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BGBD's Journal
BGBD's Journal
September 29, 2020

There are a LOT of very good Republicans still out there....

And they all seem to be endorsing Biden right now.

September 26, 2020

Let be smart about the ACB process...

I am seeing a lot of chatter in conservative circles on Twitter that they aren't all that happy about ACB getting the nomination over Lagoa. They think that Lagoa was the better and more dependable conservative choice. Apparently there are some recent rulings with ACB regarding lockdowns in Illinois and some other issues they don't like. They think she will end up being another Roberts, who they hate, or Gorsuch, who they aren't all that satisfied with now.

Most of this seems to be stemming from this guy here:


He's a super obnoxious voice that I come across a lot on polling twitter, but he does have 130k followers to broadcast this out too.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying we should rally behind ACB or anything, not at all. Instead I think we should try to push some of this division out there among the conservatives.

The effect would be marginal, but if it could turn some number of Trump voters off it would be a benefit. A lot of them are only with him for the judges, and if they think he screwed the pooch some on this one it could help.

Trump voters hate the lockdowns and if we can push the narrative that she could have ended them but instead voted with the liberals to save them, it could be a nice set of body blows.

September 22, 2020

Republicans are going to fill this seat.

That has been very clear from the beginning. They essentially have to. They have become a base-only party since Trump. They have actively pitted their base against everyone else in the country. Their entire political strategy is to turn out their base and hope that the archaic electoral mechanisms of the United States keep them in power. As such, they can't do anything that might turn off their base, which includes not taking this chance to fill a vacancy on the Court. The Catch-22 here is that in doing so, they are going to alienate a significant block of potential voters who don't consider themselves to be conservatives.

In do this, they are making two miscalculations that will hurt them for a very long time. First is that the moderate nature of the country will keep them from being severely punished for their actions. We already see polling showing that 3/5 of the country think they should wait, and while they could get away with that over time, a raw display of this will not be forgotten by the time people cast their votes. Second, is that Democrats will not have the will to use their power if they gain it in the election. After what democrats have witnessed over the past few years, I don't see a way that they don't. The focus of Republicans for the past 40+ years has been the Court; the Democrats focus from here on will be remedying the things that help the minority Republicans retain power. That means adding small, heavily Democratic, states that will offset the electoral college and Senate advantage that Republicans currently enjoy. It will mean investing heavily in state house and governor races to ensure we control redistricting. It will mean eliminating the filibuster and pushing through expansions to the Supreme Court and overall federal judiciary to ensure that conservative justices, gained by years to stonewalling nominees and then pushing underqualified ideologues through later, aren't able to dictate from the bench without being diluted by hundreds of additional judges.

Personally, I am a very moderate member of this group we are all in. Probably one of the more moderate on this board. A month ago I would have been against ending the filibuster and against packing the court, but not now. Now, I'm completely for it. I am surely not the only American with this view.

September 19, 2020

Hot take.....a supreme court vacancy

is the Republicns worst nightmare right now.

Of courae filling a vacancy is what these assholes live for, but they do not want this on the plate right now.

They would much rather have been able to tell conservatives and even moderates that they needed to be elected because of thebsupreme court, but if they get to fill RBGs spot it takes away the urgency and makes it easier for those voters to stay home or even vote Dem based on dislike of Trump. It was the Supreme court that led to a lot of folks holding their nose and voting Trump in 2016.

Senators are going to be forced to defend pushing a vote through in their races based on what happened in 2016. If the nominee has a fatal flaw they will have to wear that as well.

Biden shouldnt release a name to give them a target to go after, just release general information on the type of person he would nominate. A generality will beat a real person in perception every time.

September 9, 2020

Strong speech by Biden right now.

He's bringing it.

September 2, 2020

Watch Iowa

They are the epicenter of US Coronavirus right now and are also the site of some major political contests this year.

There is a competitive Senate race and of course Iowa is a state that is looking competitive in the Presidential race this year. Democrats had a great run in the 2018 House elections there, so there is some momentum. Let's see how Trump and the Trump-lite governors failure to address coronavirus in the state shapes out for them.

August 27, 2020

Calling it right now

At some point over the next week or two,Trump is going to either say, on camera or on Twitter, something along the lines of his convention was the greatest convention of all time but the media only spoke about the hurricane.

A Cat 4 hurricane is going to smash into the 4th most populous city in the United States and I can already see Trump blaming it for not getting enough media attention for his speech or if he doesn't get a bump in the polls from it.

August 27, 2020

Something to watch for with the Census

We know Trump and Co are trying to reduce population counts in blue states. However, I'm pretty sure they are also looking to artificially inflate numbers in red states.

I live in a very red state. Today a Census taking came by. We told her that we had already filled out a census online, but she still had us on her list as needing to be surveyed. She said that this was happening a LOT. A little later my wife read a FB post to me about a neighbor having filled out an online Census, being sent a mail census that she filled out, and now having a Census taker come by her house.

Is it this inefficient and poorly managed everywhere, or is this a designed attempt to get extra reps/EC votes in safely red states?

August 21, 2020

Biden gave a great speech........but

thanks to Republicans MAGA and ROSE saying that he is a dementia patient who can't speak a complete sentence the expectations were so lowered and so exceeded that this speech will be remembered as one of the greatest speeches of all time.

Thanks for the help folks!!!!!!!!

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