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FlyingPiggy's Journal
FlyingPiggy's Journal
March 3, 2024

WTH. I donated to the Biden campaign and now I am getting solicited EVERY day, sometimes multiple times a day for more

Donations. This is ridiculous. Makes me not want to donate ever again.

September 5, 2023

WOW!! Look that this night mode setting!! Makes me so happy

I know I am late to the party, but, this summer has been nonstop. So I missed the inauguration of the new DU beta4 rollout. Everything looks fantastic! And this night mode is everything! LOVE IT!

June 19, 2023

I'm sick of Twitter pushing RW crap. Just found Tribel.

I like it a lot!! I just wish more people are on it like George Takei, Asha, Rick Wilson, etc. Post is ok. Just dog posts all day long. Mastadon is a little better. But so far Tribel is mostly politics and that’s what I wanted.

April 4, 2023

Jewish space laser chic got her ass handed to her in NYC

Did she think she was just gonna walk into NYC and spew trash? 😳 NYC don’t mess around. 😂 this is hilarious! To add: gotta watch the second video on the left. 😂😂😂

February 13, 2023

Thread for sending a shout out to our giver of hearts

I wanted to start a thread where we all can give out thanks for the wonderful folks who gave us hearts here in GD. ❤️❤️❤️

February 8, 2023

What an invigorating SOTU address! Biden knocked that so far out of the park,

The republicans looked a little shocked and uncomfortable. And then they responded to him and then hated themselves for it. It clearly shows what a hot f*cking mess they are! So glad and so proud I am a democrat.

December 12, 2022

Looking for high profile accounts to follow on Mastadon

Thanks to DU member oioioi, I found mastadon! It helped greatly to download the app (I find it easier to navigate). It looks a lot like twitter. I want to decrease my foot traffic on twitter but want to still connect w high profile progressives and experts in their field for their insights. Any suggestions on who to follow on Mastadon?

December 12, 2022

Twitter has become such a clusterf@ck w Elon going bonkers.

I’m seeing nothing but RWNJ on my feed these days. Multiple posts of Kyle Rittenburg on my feed today. I don’t even follow the little murdering RW POS. I keep interacting and liking liberal commentators but still don’t see anything from them. I’m about ready to give up on twitter. FB has been shit for years. Is there any other social media we can go to? Mastodon looks too complicated. But granted, I haven’t dug in deep to know for sure.

November 18, 2022

Today makes me ask the burning question: when will we legalize cannabis?

A lot of y’all need to investigate this edible marijuana thing if it’s legal in your state. And give some to your republican neighbors. We need this stuff legalized.

November 17, 2022

WOW! I just discovered Rachel Maddow's podcast: ULTRA. It is FANTASTIC!

As always she and her team do incredible research. I had no idea how this whole Christian maga crap is just an extension of the nazi influence into American politics from 1940’s. It’s a little more than a half hr but oh so worth the listen.


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