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Profile Information

Name: Ginger Wall
Gender: Female
Hometown: Dover, Delaware
Home country: US
Current location: Wilmington, Delaware
Member since: Tue Jan 21, 2020, 02:03 PM
Number of posts: 16,975

Journal Archives

Will no one rid us of this turbulent president?

Seven of Nine. We can thank her and her divorce deposition for having Obama

I’ve often thought of the irony of the Borg. Resistance is not futile.

Don't care what part of your anatomy you hold. Just vote Blue!

And try not to whine about it.

I wish someone would ask trump, if he overrules the governors to send people back to work,

will he take responsibility for the deaths that occur afterward.

I was just thinking about Christine O'Donnell and how she destroyed the Delaware Republican Party.

Sean Hannity and the Tea Party came in and primaried Congressmen Mike Castle. He was possibly the last moderate republican in the country. The right wingers couldn’t stand him. They were so stupid. They didn’t know how we do politics in Delaware. For one thing, primaries were a fairly recent development. Usually the parties held conventions. The Delaware republicans expected that Castle would be the nominee to run for Biden’s vacated seat. He was popular, a nice guy and very reasonable for a republican. He had won 11 statewide elections, twice for governor, 9 times for Congress. Beau Biden would have been his opponent, but wanted to stay in his job as AG. County Councilman Chris Coons was to be the sacrificial lamb for the Dems. O’Donnell was so dumb she tried to debate Coons. We don’t like carpetbaggers. So now we have the intelligent, well educated, dedicated Senator Coons. Mike Castle likely would have won that seat. Worked out well for Delaware, but the Republicans have yet to recover. We’ll have to see what this Witzke can do. Where is she from?

I once heard Bishop Tutu say that the reason Mandela was liked and

Recognized at home and around the world was because he was a good man. That is what we need now in our president. A good and moral person who always tries to do the right thing for the country and humanity. That’s Joe.

Me too. In every photo of me as a child, I'm holding a kitten.

I have an outdoor cat that disappeared for 7 weeks

A few years ago. I was sure he was dead. One day he turned up walking in the yard, skinny and dehydrated. I don’t know which of us was happier. Soon got back his health and weight. I guess he had been trapped in a storage unit. Don’t know how he survived. Cats are amazing. Now he’s at my back door, 2nd floor deck. He was neutered as a kitten and this makes 10 years I’ve been taking care of him. Never give up on kitties.

Yes, TNNurse. "Blood on the Tracks" is when I fell in love.

Sadly, my boyfriend is now deceased. I still cry when I hear “Tangled up in Blue” and “Simple Twist of Fate”. I hear Otis Redding and I’m back in college. Aretha’s “Natural Woman”. Got into jazz after seeing Miles Davis at the Hollywood Bowl open for Blood Sweat and Tears. All of the great R&B when I was in high school. I was at Woodstock. When it comes to music, we were the luckiest generation. Don’t know how I would have survived without it.

I was so depressed , I couldn't turn on the TV for weeks.

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