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Gender: Male
Hometown: Tucson, Arizona
Current location: Chicago, Illinois
Member since: Wed Dec 25, 2019, 01:02 AM
Number of posts: 1,677

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Warnock opens a twelve point lead...

...that was bound to happen.

Oh that this will happen to all of the Magats everywhere.


A Moment of truth for the religious right Republican supporters of Herschel Walker


Walker has been the ideal Trump-endorsed candidate for this position all along. With Trump, character doesn't matter, truth doesn't matter, issues don't matter. Power matters, and once it is achieved, by whatever means necessary, using it for personal benefit matters. Use it to toss a few favors in the direction of the supporters, but ultimately, using it to eliminate their necessity is the long-range goal.

Walker has lied about his background, his identity, and his character. He picked up right wing themes and spoke out against absentee fathers among the African American community without ever thinking he'd be called out because he's fathered children in whose lives he's never been involved. By the same standards that the religious right applies to Democrats, he's worse than a politician who supports abortion rights, since he actually paid for one of his girlfriends to have one. By their definition of terms, doesn't that make him a "baby killer"?

The reaction from among the religious right wing of the GOP to this news is clear evidence that they don't care one bit about abortion. If this had been a Democratic candidate for the senate, and this blatant hypocrisy on a political issue had been displayed--and I can point to multiple examples of such--lips would be flapping, voices would be shrieking holy horror and heads would be exploding with rage.

I'm going to say this, because it needs to be said. If any Evangelical Christian, or Republican for that matter, who has drawn the line on the political issue of abortion and won't vote for Democrats they call "baby killers", still supports and plans to vote for Herschel Walker after this revelation, their Christian faith is meaningless and empty, Using Matthew's analogy in his gospel account of the life of Christ, they are salt that has lost its taste.

Turnout wins elections. All hands on deck and other cliches.


Election day is November 8. Mark the date on the calendar in red, circle it, put a reminder up on the fridge, or, better yet, get the ducks in order and send in your mail-in ballots. There is no excuse for not voting this time around because this could be the last chance Americans have to cast a ballot that counts in an election. There are people running in multiple states who, if they are elected, and they get their way, will work to do away with individuals casting ballots in elections and a new ruling class will emerge which controls politics, abolishes term limits and listens to crazy, baseless, false conspiracy theories instead of the truth.

The biggest advantage that Democrats now have on their side in this midterm election is Donald Trump. Yes, that's what I meant to say. Even though the orange headed buffoon hasn't announced his candidacy for President, and he's not running in this election, he is on the ballot in the form of every election denier, conspiracy theorist, extremist and rich one percenter who is. It's pretty clear that most Americans, a clear majority that shows up in polls as a consistent 60% who do not approve of him, can't stand him and have no desire at all to see him ever live in the White House or serve as President again. If the Department of Justice does its job, his next government residence will be federal prison.

We need to do everything we can to make sure the voter turnout on our side, and for our candidates, is an overwhelming flood of resolve that sends a clear message to the conspiracy theorists, extremists, fascists and Trumpies. We don't want you in our government! In addition to votes, I think this effort will probably also take courts and protesters to convince reticent GOP election officials that the power lies with the people of the United States, and not with a judge or a state legislature.

Let's do this!

I'm crossing Justice Alito's line


"Saying or implying that the court is becoming an illegitimate institution or questioning our integrity crosses an important line." --Justice Samuel Alito

Let's make something perfectly clear here. Justice Alito works for me. And you. He does not work for the one-sided political interests he seems bent on representing on the court, he works for the people. We have the right to determine what we consider to be integrity from the justices and we have the right to determine whether the current practices of a government institution contribute to its legitimacy, or take away from it. The justice's job is to rule according to the law, the way it is written.

We, the people, have not crossed any line. But there are justices on the court now who most definitely have crossed lines, plenty of them. They've called their integrity into question, ignored hundreds of years of court tradition is stepping away from partisan politics and then had the audacity to criticize the people who noticed and called it out. At least, some of them did.

Christian Nationalism is a real threat to Democracy and to the Church, says Interfaith panel


"I actually bristle every time I hear the word 'Christian nationalism'" said Tayhlor Coleman, a Texas voting rights advocate who was raised Southern Baptist, "because when I look at the folks who are leading this movement, I don't see any Christianity,"

I don't see any, either. It would be hard to discern the virtues and values of the gospel of Jesus Christ, recorded in the gospel accounts and interpreted by the apostolic writers of the New Testament, in any aspect of the movement. Everything it does denies everything Jesus said. It's very difficult to promote and evangelize a faith that holds peace as a core value while stabbing at Capitol police officers with the sharpened end of a flagpole bearing Trump's name and wearing a shirt with a cross on the front attempting to over-run the U.S. Capitol building.

"Christian nationalism has its roots in the dangerous myth that we were founded as a Christian nation and, as a result, we enjoy special favor from God," said Baptist minister Paul Rauschenbush, son of Baptist theologian and Social Gospel activist Walter Rauschenbush. He claims the goal of Christian nationalists is to use the church, not advance its cause, to consolidate power in the hands "of an exclusively political-religious movement."

Manchin is praying that the Senate won't be a 50-50 split after the mid-terms.


Well, Joe, so am I. I'm praying that no Republican running for the senate in 2022 wins a mid-term election. That's a big request, but it would be the absolute best thing that could happen to the country.

Next to that, I am hoping that Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Florida and Iowa Democrats deliver the goods. A couple of those are long shots, but in five of the six, polling data is showing Democrats running strong and ahead, or neck and neck, or winning in enough of the poll numbers to make it open to the possibility.

If that is indeed what Manchin is praying for, then he is praying to make himself and Kirsten Sinema irrelevant, and I must say, I'm praying for the same thing. And I'm contributing to that end, making phone calls on behalf of the DNC, and planning to vote to help bring that outcome to fuition. I can't imagine that's really what either of them want, given their rhetoric and their manipulative actions of the past two years, but they're thinking of their own self and their shot at getting re-elected. I wouldn't bet on the odds of that happening for either one of them at this point.

Hints from religious conservatives about how they would change American Democracy...

...if they get the chance.


I include this information as a warning. If we continue to elect right wing leadership connected to the religious right, this is what we will get. There is an appeal here to the appearance of "democratic values." But the fact of the matter is that within this particular religious denomination, control by an oligarchy is the status quo, and it always has been that way. It's a throwback to the antebellum south, to a culture and time when prestige and prominence, in the form of wealth and influence, mattered, and nothing else did. It was a society based on class, with the lower classes there to serve the wealthy and preserve the status quo, as well as someone else's wealth. That's the Southern Baptist Convention in a nutshell.

Trump is the drag on the Republican Party's chances to win the Midterms


In short, they're very likely not going to get control of either house of Congress, and everything that's happened to cause it, including Dobbs, can be laid at Trump's feet.

It's become apparent, with all of Trump's screaming, raging, ranting and raving about the election that he clearly lost, and the blatant ignorance he has demonstrated in what he points to as evidence that he didn't, that he doesn't understand that getting elected is a matter of getting the most votes. He leans much more to the side of those who believe that manipulating the right people will get you what you want. Why not? That's worked for him in business all his life. And this isn't a sarcastic statement, either. It's a conclusion that can be made by listening to him, if you can keep from throwing up during his rants. He doesn't think ballots matter, what matters is having enough influence or putting enough pressure on the right people to change outcomes.

So his campaign rallies and speeches and the support and publicity he puts out tends to run to the extremes he supports, mainly those whose politics are the same as his. He's all about exchanging favors, a process he calls "making deals" to gain an advantage. He doesn't follow any pattern that is aimed at expanding his voter base. He only wants a cheering crowd in increasingly smaller venues, as a backdrop for his proclamations, which now feature background music that sounds eerily like Q-Anon themes, which he buys into like a kid with an unlimited allowance in a candy store.

The more he holds rallies and campaigns for those candidates he's endorsed, the more percentage points in the polls they lose, especially among independent voters. At the beginning of this election season, the Republicans held an advantage that, combined with the gerrymandering they've done, put them in a position to take control of Congress. The Democrats faced an uphill battle. But as Trump continues to insert himself into the campaigns, in places where his endorsees won nominations, though those who won did so by very slim margins among Republicans, the Democratic party advantage grows.

Remember the coach in Bremerton, Washington who took his center field prayer meeting to SCOTUS?


As we suspected all along, the case involving the football coach in Bremerton, Washington, Joseph Kennedy, wasn't about the prayer meeting itself, or his job. It was about the political publicity that it could, and now has, generated.

Kennedy sued the Bremerton school district claiming that he was fired because he refused to comply with their instructions that he should not lead a prayer meeting at the 50 yard line following games. But, here's the catch, he wasn't fired. He was suspended, with pay, received the full stipend for coaching for the season, and was offered a renewal on his contract. He no longer works for the school district as an assistant football coach, not because he was fired, as he claims, but because he never showed up to sign the contract renewal he was offered.

That wouldn't fit with the narrative that these mean, old liberals were trying to interfere with his religious freedom, even though what he was doing actually contradicted the constitution's establishment clause. But, and here's where the Supreme Court shows its incompetence and bias, he was not fired for failing to follow their directive.

A proposed Constitutional requirement for Representatives, Senators, Justices, the President

and the members of his cabinet.

They must pass a basic history test in order to qualify to run for office.


A United States Senator should know better. And if he, or she, doesn't know their history before assuming office, they need to get a crash course in it, so that they don't embarrass themselves by making statements and assumptions such as those made by Missouri Senator Josh Hawley in a recent speech, reported by the Kansas City Star.

In the theology courses I had in graduate school, it was a requirement to corroborate doctrinal claims with an accurate reference to scripture, interpreted in context and itself corroborated by at least one other Biblical reference. Hawley's statements are neither historically accurate nor consistent with any Biblical theology or doctrine. If he's as up on the law, as an attorney, as he demonstrated in this speech that he is on history and theology, then he's not a very good lawyer, either.

He's a politician who has an awful lot of contempt for the intelligence of those to whom he is speaking. He must not think they're very bright or knowledgeable. And I guess most of those in his audience probably aren't, which is why he seemed to get away with it.
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