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Home country: Canada
Current location: Alberta
Member since: Thu Jul 4, 2019, 08:50 PM
Number of posts: 2,872

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Looks like the only thing reaching the overflow stage tonight

will be Trump's diaper.

On a slightly different topic:

A B.C. Supreme Court judge has delivered a major blow to Meng Wanzhou, ruling that extradition proceedings against the Huawei executive should proceed. To the US that is.


I was hoping there would be sufficient evidence for her to be released as the two Canadians imprisoned in China as retaliatory hostages have been there for over two years now. It is now looking v bleak for them...

Help, I'm getting

a "This media cannot be played" message on every vid I've tried here.

Another reason to self-isolate

One of these may be Corvid 19:

Some poignant songs by Leonard Cohen

on these trying times, one an apt commentary and the other uplifting:

Quackopractor Alert

Chiropractors in Canada show their true colours:


Just had an unpleasant thought:

Is it possible that Sanders is dragging out the Democratic Primaries to keep in the headlines and with the eventual goal, seeing that he will very likely not win the nomination, of running as an independant??

BTW, I know of no specific reason why that might happen - just worrying out loud I guess...

The space-time continuum

has been breached. Trump talks and the market rises! Up 1333 at 3:52 eastern.

Dog or cat petting and virus transmission?

Not trying to alarm anyone but, since I volunteer for a pet therapy group, I am wondering if dog/cat petting can be a means of transmission of the flu or corona virus. We are admonished not to shake hands but what about petting a dog or cat that has just been petted my others?

I have googled the matter but can find nothing definite. Anyone have a source of info?

I would be interested in comments on the following quote:

This quote concerning Sanders is from someone I consider a generally pretty astute commentator on the current political scene.

"Where I'm sitting, I see absolutely no way for him to become the
nominee, for a simple reason: Pledged delegates are getting split five
ways, and this is going to continue, even if there are some dropouts and
the split evolves to (say) a three-way split. Which in turn means it's
astronomically unlikely Sanders shows up on convention Day One with 1990
(50% + 1) pledged delegates, ergo all delegates will be then released
from any pledges, and it will become a brokered convention that is
highly likely to pick a consensus Democrat rather than a highly divisive
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