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OldBaldy1701E's Journal
OldBaldy1701E's Journal
June 22, 2024

To my husband...

I love you more than the day we got together. I do not deserve you.

I cannot believe it has been 20 years.

June 18, 2024

From the wingnuttisphere...


Oh yeah? Let's see here...

(you complete fuckstick you... Hawley is such a joke.)
May 31, 2024

So, a post in another part of the site mentioned the stages of grief.

This may well be one of the best skits they ever did. I roll in the floor every time I see it. Thanks Seth and Matthew for creating such a gem!

April 25, 2024

I was asked about my constant refusal to accept money when someone offers it.

And, I had to let them know a little bit about my life. Namely, that I have had too many times when someone offered me money as a gift or to help out, told me that there was no need to repay it (and, in some cases adamantly told me), then turned around and either demanded repayment or held it over my head in some sadistic attempt to make me do something in return that I would normally not do. This has not been a single incident. This has happened every time I cave in and accept an offer of financial aid. So, as the old saying goes: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me six times, even my dumb ass finally figured out to never accept money from anyone. Especially from friends! (Since both times I did that, it ended with us no longer being friends.)

I understand when people are trying to help. But, in my experiences, whenever I accept that help (and it is connected to money in some way, either through a direct gift of funds, or someone paying off something directly for me) it never ends well. Far better to just not enter that hell hole in the first place. I never mean any disrespect for refusing any help. But, when one burns oneself on the stove, only an idiot would continue to grab the stove in that manner, and possibly would never get near the stove again.


April 9, 2024

In Honor Of Today.

(Sorry, had to do it.)

April 8, 2024

So, last Thursday I went to see our Congressperson at a town hall.

Ilhan Omar was in town and I went to see her. I had a question to ask her, but I did not get the chance. I probably would have, were it not for two people who decided to make a scene. Funny thing is, neither of their complaints had anything to do with the Congresswoman. One was a county matter which she was unable to address at all, (Duh, she is our rep in the federal government. There is a chain, regardless of whether or not we like it.) The other was one that she was unable to discuss at the podium, but told the lady that she would be happy to discuss it once the hall was adjourned. Both persons became disruptive and combative, at least until the rather large LEO started to walk over and then they both decided to leave the hall of their own volition. (The second person did not stick around to discuss anything, which shows me that she was not interested in discussion, she was interested in disruption.) I enjoyed Congressperson Omar's discussion and her highlighting the things she is doing for this district.

All in all, a decent evening.

April 4, 2024

So, I am from North Carolina and I am an N.C. State fan.

This weekend is going to be epic. Both the men's and women's teams are in the Final Four! To be honest, even if they both lose, they should be beyond proud of their efforts. Go Pack!

(I was going to post 'Hungry Like The Wolf' but I will refrain. )

March 24, 2024

I cannot stop weeping with joy over this lady... wow is all I can say...

Well, they won't let me post it, so here is the link...


March 24, 2024

Well, they finally made it happen. Just don't say it three times...

For your viewing pleasure. I may be actually a bit excited to see how they do this one. Bear in mind it solidified many as real stars. It was more influential than it should have been, and it became an icon. So did the star.

February 27, 2024

What the hell is this crap?

I am going to post the link to the article, but if you don't want to go check it out, I understand completely. I wish I had not looked at it. But, I always feel that knowing is more than half the battle.


(Disclosure, it says yahoo but is a Telegraph piece.)

Personally, I think this is more of what Jeff Tiedrich was talking about. The mainstream media seems to want that orange gibbon to be president. They are constantly creating a negative bias against the Democrats and the Biden team. However, this also says to me that they are this desperate to try anything to win. That is the mark of a loser. Which is not a surprise when we are talking about the rethugs and their child-king.

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