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Aussie105's Journal
Aussie105's Journal
November 11, 2022


Stupid weather here in Australia.
Winter carried on well into what should be spring, and rain like you wouldn't believe.
Lots of weeds, and now, after a few warm days, FLEAS!

12 year old dogs, 6 year old cat, never had flea problems before.

Couple of warm days and . . . FLEAS!

I wondered why one of the dogs was scratching himself so much, rubbed a patch where he was nibbling, and 5 fleas dropped out.
On my bed!
Nearest thing was some alcohol based spray, just made the fleas dopy but gave me enough time to go get fly spray. For the bed, not the pets.

Anyhow, lots of fleas on all three. No fun watching those jump around on the bed, or watching my pets be uncomfortable.

Got some spot on back of the neck type stuff coming in the mail, looking for flea powder to start the kill process off.

Wifey says she has been bitten, I haven't, we did a lot of washing but that is futile while they move around the house shedding fleas.

So my question - what is a good flea powder to rub on the pets?

DAMN! Just realized there will be flea eggs in the carpets and on/in matrasses. Going to be a bit of a job.

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