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Aussie105's Journal
Aussie105's Journal
August 29, 2020

The cargo cult (*) of Nice Things.

Nice Things - we all want them, they are different things to different people, and how we relate to them and their acquisition defines who we are.

Trump: If I promise them Nice Things they will keep voting for me, right? Biden wants to take away the Nice Things, right?

Republicans: Nice Things are in short supply. To keep continuing for us getting them, we need to ensure people 'lesser' than us don't get them. (And that is a LOT of people!)

Democratic party: Everyone deserves Nice Things. Let's ensure all citizens get them! Affordable health care, quality education, a living wage! There's enough for everybody! We just have to (re)build the social and economic structures that ensure this!

Young people: My parents have Nice Things! How can I get them for myself, with the least effort, and as soon as possible, like right now?

Bezos: All the Nice Things you will ever want are on Amazon!

Theoretical Communism: If we all work together, we can all get the Nice Things!

Practical Communism: See Republicans above.

BLM people: The main Nice Thing we want, is to NOT be harassed, beaten up or killed by the police.

Environmentalists: Mother Nature supplies lots of Nice Things. But you need to look after Her better.

Me (Retired White Person trying Hard not to be Grumpy): I have all the Nice Things I need! Good luck in your pursuits of Nice Things!

(*) 'Cargo cult' - a reference to WW2 air drops of supplies in the highlands of New Guinea.
The Nice Things that fell out of the sky resulted in a semi religious cult following by the indigenous peoples.

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