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Member since: Thu Nov 8, 2018, 12:32 AM
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Bernie-Gabbard 2020?

Tulsi Gabbard and other panelists just spoke at the Bernie Institute in Vermont, where Bernie himself was present.

Gabbard’s Saturday panel was titled “Civil Rights, Immigration & Human Dignity.”

I can see Bernie giving Gabbard the VPN nominee position as a way to make inroads with women after a feisty 2016 against Hillary Clinton. Bernie might also believe that Gabbard compliments him in the foreign affairs front.

This is just me speculating though.
Susan Sarandon was also a panelist in the event, moderated by James Zogby.
Interesting tidbit:
Zogby did not ask Gabbard about Syria nor did she address it.


41th House seat possible for Democrats (Republican apparently stole NC-09)

The NC-09 district election where Republican Mark Harris is ahead has not been certified due to widespread complaints about election fraud:

We must defeat Susan Collins in order to take the Senate in 2020

We need to net 4 seats in order to flip the Senate.
It's doable.
The most winnable red seat is Collins'.
Let's keep the heat on her, especially when she sides with Trump, which is 79% of the time (statistic from fivethirtyeight.com).

Don't be surprised if Trump uncancels his meeting with Putin

According to media reports today, Trump canceled his upcoming meeting with Vladimir Putin because Trump is angry that he invaded Ukrainian ships. But do you remember when Trump “canceled” his summit with Kim Jong-un before flip flopping a few days later?

'Fox & Friends' Fed Interview Script to Trump's EPA Chief, Emails Show

Source: The Daily Beast

Cable-news veterans told The Daily Beast that it is common for television producers to discuss topics in advance with their subjects; and, on occasion, producers will ask pre-interview questions to understand what a subject has to offer, and why their information is relevant.

However, it is widely frowned upon to offer public officials pre-interviews, as this can help the official avoid difficult questions.

And providing and seeking approval scripts is even more of a taboo.

“Every American journalist knows that to provide scripts or articles to the government for review before publication or broadcast is a cardinal sin. It’s Journalism 101,” said David Hawkins, a CBS News and CNN veteran who teaches journalism at Fordham University. “This is worse than that. It would and should get you fired from any news organization with integrity.”

Read more: https://www.thedailybeast.com/fox-and-friends-fed-interview-script-to-trumps-epa-chief-emails-show

Fox is part of the swamp.

Trump may impose tariffs on imported cars from next week: report

Source: Reuters

European auto stocks extended losses on Tuesday after a German magazine reported that U.S. President Donald Trump could impose tariffs on imported cars from next week.

Wirtschaftswoche cited EU sources as saying a U.S. Department of Commerce investigation report was on Trump's desk, adding: "Trump will possibly decide on tariffs as early as next week after the G20 meeting in Buenos Aires."

It cited the sources as saying the report recommended a 25 percent customs duty on car imports from all countries except Canada and Mexico.

Read more: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trade-germany-autos-idUSKCN1NW1OF

Economists won't predict the next recession

Both official (The Fed) and independent economists failed to foresee the George W Bush recession, even after it had already begun.

I'm not saying you won't find outliers who got it right. I'm saying in general, economists didn't see what hit them.
Don't believe news articles these days that say, "few economists see a recession coming ".

I once saw a scholarly essay theorize that one of the reasons for this horrible track record is that economists are afraid of the backslash if they incorrectly predict a recession, because they see no big backlash in predicting the status quo.

I think the chances of a recession are larger with Trump than with anyone else in power due to his lack of understanding of the economy and his bad policy decisions.

Why is Rasmussen still using likely voters in their Trump approval polls?

No pollster other than Rasmussen pretends to know who is a likely voter 2 years before an election.
And that's assuming Rasmussen is referring to the 2020 Presidential election as opposed to the Congressional elections. This is not obvious because job approval has nothing to do with a matchup between Trump vs. a Democrat.

One possibility is that Rasmussen (a Republican polling firm) doesn't even poll anyone, instead making up numbers outright (in order to make Trump look good) and they forgot to get rid of the LV thing.

Gallup (Nov 18-25): Trump approval at 38%, disapproval at 60%

Wow. 60% unpopularity is atrocious.

Any harm to immigrants at the border will be justified by rock throwing allegations

I already saw that border agents are claiming without evidence that those trying to cross the US Mexico border were throwing rocks at them.
This rockthrowing thing is going to be used every time immigrants are shot at or anytime tear gas is used against them without justification.
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