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Member since: Wed Jun 20, 2018, 06:01 PM
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How To Write Unmaintainable Code

Came across this recently. It hurt. Both from laughing and from flashbacks.


The wall will never be finished

The bigots from Covington Catholic High who chanted "build the wall" to Native American veteran Nathan Phillips proved that to me. The wall is nothing but a monument to racism.

They can't let the wall ever be finished or they lose their rallying cry and their base.

Speaker Nancy "Killer" Pelosi

The other day I made a reply wondering if she made a mistake bringing up security as a reason for not doing ir delaying the SOTU. I predicted Kirstjen Nielsen would lie about that and we would wind up in a back and forth on that.

I got the easy prediction right but didnít see her next moves. What really happened is no one bought that nonsense and everyone just talked about the SOTU being cancelled .

She basically made Trump pull a Lucy on himself. Bringing up security gave him an easy out for why the SOTU was canceled but he didnít take it. Instead he got Kirstjen Nielsen to lie about security funding while Trump is looking petty and hypocritical canceling congressional trips because if funding issues while Melania is flying south on vacation.

She acts nice but expertly manipulated Trump into hurting himself.

Amazingly well played. Brava.

The "Trump totally won and got his wall" budget act of 2019

Not one thin dime and mock him if he goes for it.
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