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Member since: Thu May 3, 2018, 08:04 AM
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The Wild and Crazy Journey of a Book.


I can't complain--it only took eight days to get here from London--but just look at that routing!

In the Chinese-language newspaper racks on my street

So I made a quick trip to do some shopping and pick up a package, and as I passed two sets of newspaper racks, I noticed something weird: in the free Chinese-language racks, slabs of wood were stuck inside the big plastic clips that hold the display copies on the door. On one side, "No CHY-NA" written in marker, "No-No CHY-NA" on the other. Pulled 'em all out and hucked 'em in the trash quickly, for fear that someone might see me holding one and get the wrong idea. Unsurprisingly, the racks were otherwise empty.

On this block in a predominantly Asian-American community, anti-maskers have stapled their incoherent rants to trees, and Lyndon La Rouche cultists set up a table outside the post office for a few days every election year, and nobody gives a rat's ass.

This is different. This is something every community needs to stamp out on sight. I'll be filing a report with the police after this, and dropping a message to the mayor. It's a small town; this asshole/these assholes try again they be very lucky if the cops get them first.
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