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Grokenstein's Journal
Grokenstein's Journal
December 24, 2021

KPF: "never thought i would see the day ben garrison turned on trump"

As far as I'm concerned, Christmas has come early.
Ha! Yeah, Bruce Tinsley already played that card to death, Benny.

August 31, 2021

Just got back from my local Safeway...

As I'm heading to the checkout, two pairs of "mask combos" (one masked, one not) are meandering around in front of the registers, clinging to each other suspiciously strongly for, you know, grocery shopping. Very nice lady at the register asks her next customer to wait a moment, then goes out and confronts them together. "I'm sorry, you cannot be in this store without a mask."

The excuses don't work. She offers them free masks, then when they try to brush her off she offers a free escort off the premises with the security guard if they don't leave immediately. I almost bit my own tongue clean off stifling some bellowing laughter.

Safeway's done some things over the years that have pissed me off, but this ain't one of 'em. You go, lady!

August 4, 2021

Another idiot causes another inflight fight, ends up duct-taped to seat as passengers laugh


Berry, 22, is facing multiple misdemeanor charges, the Miami-Dade Police Department said. According to police, Berry was accused of groping two female flight attendants and punching a male flight attendant in the face, according to police. He was seen on the now-viral video screaming during the incident that his parents are worth “two million goddamn dollars.”

Moron. ...Oh, wait, it gets better/worse:

Berry was also involved in Greek life at the college and was given an award for being a “perfect role model,” and for leading the “fight to dismantle fraternity stereotypes,” a Zoom video posted by Ohio Wesleyan shows.

Ohio Wesleyan told The New York Times in a statement, “Ohio Wesleyan is saddened to learn of this situation with one of our graduates. The case does not involve the university, and the incidents depicted do not reflect Ohio Wesleyan’s values.”

There was some uproar over Frontier's response, but as many have pointed out this is just procedure, not punishment (so far). The attendants are still being paid, they're just "off duty" to be available for the investigation into the incident. The attendants' union is of course watching closely.

Frontier Airlines received backlash after saying in its initial statement that the crew members who restrained Berry had been suspended pending an investigation. The statement said, “The flight attendants will be, as required in such circumstances, relieved of flying pending completion of an investigation.” The airline also initially said “proper policies for restraining a passenger were not followed.”

And it didn't take long for Brent Terhune to jump on it!

Welcome to your future, Daddy's little frat boy.
July 31, 2021

The tragedy of it is, this person has considerable artistic talent.

But here they are, wasting it on THIS shit: a combination of antimasker whining, conspiro-nuttery and fetish-wank. Cites Alex Jones and Joe Rogan in profile. Wonder if they'll post cute when Mom's in the ICU.


July 15, 2021

Guess the article's author took this as a personal attack.

Still, it tells me everything I need to know about Mediaite.
(deletes bookmark)

June 19, 2021

Group of bicyclists run down in Arizona


Despite the sensationalist wording in the link, no one's died...yet.

A Black Super Duty Ford F150 hit multiple bicyclists near the westbound lanes of Highway 60 in front of Horne Auto Collision Center before driving away from the scene, authorities said. The incident happened during a "Bike the Bluff" event.

Officers pursued the driver to the area of South 3rd Drive and West Oliver, authorities said. An officer shot the suspect behind a nearby Ace Hardware store.

Six of the bicyclists were transported to a local hospital, four of which were in critical condition, authorities said. The other two were in critical condition but stable. The suspect, who has yet to be identified by police, is also in critical condition but stable, authorities said.

I would not be surprised to learn "done made me mad" will be the driver's "defense." Remember, Republicans in several states are fighting to make running people over with a massive insecurity-binky-on-wheels legal if there's a protest involved; how far of a stretch do you think it is from "protest" to "minor inconvenience"?
May 15, 2021

Garrison toon drives liberals crazy...with hysterical laughter!

It's so awful, and overloaded with references (some of which are confusing, others are stupid, and still others are actually appealing to non-fascists) that it's blown up into a huge discussion. Garrison's garbage is usually just ugly and hateful.


May 7, 2021

You just can't escape antivax insanity!

In the reviews for a concrete block, FFS.

I can't tell anymore. Do they honestly believe this shit or do they just want to think they helped kill people?
April 27, 2021

How many lines does Tuckles get to cross before he goes too far?


“The rest of us should be snorting at them first. They’re the aggressors. It’s our job to brush them back and restore the society we were born in,” he said. “So the next time you see someone in a mask on the sidewalk or on the bike path, do not hesitate. Ask politely but firmly, ‘Would you please take off your mask? Science shows there is no reason for you to be wearing it. Your mask is making me uncomfortable.’”

He added: “We should do that and we should keep doing it until wearing a mask outside is roughly as socially accepted as lighting a Marlboro on an elevator. It’s repulsive. Don’t do it around other people. That’s the message we should send because it’s true.”

Carlson then took it several steps further by urging his viewers to take far more drastic measures if they see children wearing masks. “As for forcing children to wear masks outside, that should be illegal,” the Fox News star huffed. “Your response when you see children wearing masks as they play should be no different from your response to seeing someone beat a kid in Walmart. Call the police immediately. Contact Child Protective Services. Keep calling until someone arrives. What you’re looking at is abuse, it’s child abuse, and you are morally obligated to attempt to prevent it.”
March 30, 2021

The Wild and Crazy Journey of a Book.


I can't complain--it only took eight days to get here from London--but just look at that routing!

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