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Xi Jining tells Chinese army to ready itself for battle.

Source: Newsweek

President Xi Jinping announced his intention to reunite Taiwan with mainland China even if it means military force. Taiwan has been an independent democracy since 1949, after it waged a bloody civil war to gain it's independence from China.

Steve Tsang, SOAS University of London's China Institute Director, told Newsweek in 2018 that China is unlikely to launch an attack against Taiwan "unless a deal is in place with the Trump administration to prevent US interference."

Perhaps this is the back story to tRump's distraction with his wall fiasco? Keep America distracted with the shut down as long as it is needed to keep us unaware of what is happening to the democracy of Taiwan? Seems plausible to me.

Read more: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/xi-jinping-tells-chinese-army-to-be-ready-for-battle/ar-BBRQL4n?ocid=spartandhp

Has anyone else noticed the uptick in NRA ads this morning?

I was on YouTube this morning and there were some very tone deaf ads one after another that I have not seen before. Just want to know if anyone else has noticed this, or am I just paying more attention to gun ads today?
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