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🇺🇸 Senator Feinstein's Oct 2017 letter to CaAnalytica requested all communication with Maria Bu

Wendy Siegelman
Senator Feinstein's Oct 2017 letter to Cambridge Analytica requested all communication with Maria Butina and Alexander Torshin.

Her letter also included people involved in discussions with Butina & Torshin - Rick Clay, Johnny Yenason and Paul Erickson


More detailed info from Wendy Seigelman:
Links, discussion & connected names..


Senator Feinstein named them all.
Thank You Sen Feinstein

Her years of experience, dedication & her duty to country shines as She approaches this serious situation with professionalism & precision.

Reposting on this sad day for America: #TreasonSummit

Repost from:


🇺🇸 SHARICE DAVIDS Democrat for US House / Kansas


Sharice Davids is a dedicated community leader who is running to fight for Kansans in Congress.

She was raised by her single mother, who is a U.S. Army veteran, in Leavenworth and learned the value of hard work and service from a young age.

As a member of the Ho-Chunk Nation, Sharice could make history as the first Native American woman elected to Congress. “It wasn't part of my decision. [...] but I'm definitely proud to be part of this time in history,” she has said.

Sharice studied business administration at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and received her law degree from Cornell Law School.

She worked for a law firm in Kansas City on issues including economic development for Native American tribes.
She then went on to live and work on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

Sharice served as a White House Fellow during the final year of the Obama administration.

Most recently, Sharice hosted a podcast called “Starty Pants,” where she interviewed entrepreneurs and investors.

She has also competed in mixed martial arts tournaments, fighting both professionally and as an amateur.

In addition to making history as the first Native American woman in Congress,
Sharice could also be the first openly gay member of the Kansas congressional delegation and the first Democratic woman to represent the 3rd District.

An opportunity to flip a seat and take back the House

Sharice is challenging Congressman Kevin Yoder, a vulnerable Republican who has been advancing his party’s dangerous agenda at the expense of the working families he was elected to serve.

“Kevin Yoder no longer represents the people of Kansas,” she has said. “He is now a rubber stamp for the Trump administration and the big-money donors who have fueled his campaigns.”

This is an opportunity to flip a seat and win back the House for Democrats.

Honestly, this remarkable young woman embodies the Past, Present & Future face of America.

Honor, dignity, fairness & fight.
What an Impressive candidate we have been given to carry our torch forward this year.

She represents every person that Trump's White Male Patriarchy mocks & refuses to represent.

Proudly lend your full support to Sharice Davids.


😁 Exclusive Video of Donald Trump confronting Robert Mueller/with Sound


Visit Maggie Resist Trump for more mockery finds:


✔Stunning List of Media Campaigns Created to Support Trump-Russia/2016.

Wendy Seigelman compiles the Stunning List of Media Campaigns created to support Trump 2016.

Chart and highlights of companies reportedly involved with influence campaigns supporting Trump including SCL/Cambridge Analytica, Psy-Group, Black Cube, Data Propria and others.

..this chart is likely to be updated. Check link for updates

Below are highlights for each entity and information on common features among some of them.

Go To Above Link for a detailed bio of each co listed.

SCL Group/Cambridge Analytica
*SCL Insight Limited
*Emerdata Limited
*Firecrest Technology Limited
*Cambridge Analytica Holdings

SCL and Cambridge Analytica Contractors
*Global Science Research (GSR)
*AggregateIQ (AIQ)
*Sam Patten
*Project Associates

Companies with Ex-SCL/CA Employees/Contractors
*Data Propria
*Genus AI
*Begemot Ventures

Brad Parscale-Related Entities
*Giles Parscale
*Harris Media
*Cloud Commerce
*America First Policies
*Trump 2020

Israel Entities
*Israel Entities
*Psy-Group and Black Cube

Russia Entities
*Concord Management & Consulting
*Internet Research Agency (IRA)
*St. Petersburg State University

Michael Flynn-related entities
*Flynn Intel Group
*White Canvas and VizSense
*Colt Ventures

Additional Entities Not Included in Chart
*Data sources reportedly affiliated with campaign:


Various PACs
Secure America Now
Gunster Strategies (formerly Goddard Gunster) — Brexit
Big Data Dolphins — Brexit
Eldon Insurance — Brexit
Young America’s Foundation (YAF) — Brexit


💝WOW! The London Anti Trump March... "Incredible!!"


BBC NEWS: Dotard says "US-UK Relationship is highest level

of Special"

Omg, he cannot humiliate us any farther down this week.
I could just fking cry.

"US-UK Relationship is highest level of Special"

A good & decent god would shut his mouth right now. pleeease.

Uh oh 🤤 Avenatti Is About To Kick Someone's A** & Hard!!

Re: Stormy Daniels' Arrest Was A Set Up

From Avenatti's Twitter Thread:

Michael Avenatti
Michael Avenatti
Certain of these accounts appear to have been very pro-Trump. In the event it is discovered that my client was targeted & arrested because of our opposition to Mr. Trump, the resulting lawsuit & action will be swift and devastating. That is not a threat. It is a promise. #Basta

Michael Avenatti
We appreciate Chief Kim Jacobs’s statement relating to the improper arrest. However, we demand a full and OPEN investigation into the conduct of the officers, including an examination of their social media accounts (some of which were mysteriously taken down earlier today)...

READ:Twitter Thread






Can we try to keep all the protest pics in one thread for easy viewing so none are lost in the rapid passing threads?
We don't want to miss out on any!

& Store the Pics together for future useful copying as needed.


First one I've just found, am off to bring back more!
Thank You UK

Activists unfurl an Amnesty International banner on Vauxhall Bridge in London
Photograph: Luca Bruno/AP

FROM CNBC London: Over 50,000 protestors expected

to gather in Trafalgar Square against Trump visit.

Very little support in UK for Trump.
Many protestors will be representing the 'STAY' voters, in a protest against Brexit also.

Protestors see that Brexit & Trump are one of the same.

UK despises pResident Trump & they will be out in large groups to let him & their own UK leaders know it.

Thank You UK
50,000 and growing, ready to tell Trump & the world, in their very British way how despicable he is

Can't wait for the pics.

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