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Member since: Tue Oct 17, 2017, 11:56 AM
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MADDOGPAC Billboard Campaign -'The Movie' 😁

BBrowder: Putin wants Congres Staffer Kyle Parker. He drafted the Magnitsky Act


Browder Twitter LINK :

Magnitsky Act is one of Putin's key reasons for seating Trump.
Magnitsky Sanctions are what prevents Puntin from advancing in the world.

✔The Macedonia Connection / American Conservatives Secret Role


From Buzzfeed


MADDOGPAC FLYOVER - in Dayton Ohio, July 27


🇺🇸 Obama warns against 'strongman politics' in speech after Trump news conference

Obama warns against ‘strongman politics’ in speech after Trump news conference
CNN Wire


Former US President Barack Obama addressed some 15,000 people in South Africa on Tuesday to mark the 100th anniversary of Nelson Mandela's birth, a day after his successor, Donald Trump, upbraided the US in a news conference with Vladimir Putin.

Speech text and great read at Link

EDIT: President Obama's full speech

"President Obama" 45 seconds


ARTICLE 2, SEC 4/Trump, Pence, Ryan, McConnell, Repub Legislature, Cabinet, Staff..



Avenatti coming to DC for night two: Tuesday at 7 PM/LafayettePark


Avenatti who is cheering on #OccupyLafayettePark and he’s coming to DC for night two: Tuesday at 7 PM.
Spread the Word .

Avenatti has built a large following & he's welcome bring a big crowd with him tonight.

Join to Protest Trump on night #2, Tuesday, 7pm in D.C., in front of the White House.

Read the 1st eleven words of the law, then stop. Then read U.S. v Mitchell, 2 U.S. 348 (1795)


U.S. v Mitchell, 2 U.S. 348 (1795) —

“an insurrection with an avowed design to suppress public offices [such as election offices & voter database offices] is an act of levying war” Ergo, #Treason
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