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Tom Steyer in Iowa/Soon in Denver, Charlotte, Columbia, and Minneapolis.


Hey Tom!

"Why Did the US Ambassador to Germany Defend a Human Trafficker?" re: Amb Grenell


Article fron The Observer:

James Gow
Thank you John. Our office supports NGOs trying hard to shut down the Moldovan sex traffic "business". Thus the ties between Grenell and Plahotiuc are of keen interest. Once again, I appreciate all you do.


Article from DW

"Qatar Looks to Buy Stakes in U.S.' Newsmax and Russian Oil Giant Rosneft"


America for sale under the Trump Administration! This is only the latest example. Jared, Ivanka, Donnie, Jr., Michael Cohen, who else will pop up in even more such stories.


"Qatar is reportedly in talks to buy a large share in Newsmax and is taking a nearly 19 percent stake in Rosneft, rescuing the Russian oil major from its stalled deal to sell a major stake to China's CEFC.
The deals strengthen ties between both Moscow and Doha, and between Washington and Doha, at a time when Qatar is facing boycott by its Gulf Arab neighbors.


#TrumpCrimeFamily is mobbing up the whole planet. It will take decades to clean up their mess.

CNN /Demeter Explains: "Head of Demeter Direct tells CNN/he worked for Cohen in Korea Aerospace deal


Head of Demeter Direct tells CNN he worked for Cohen in Korea Aerospace deal
By MJ Lee, CNN National Politics Reporter
Updated 10:14 PM EDT, Fri May 11, 2018

(CNN) Mark Ko, the head of a company called Demeter Direct, told CNN on Friday that he served as a middle person between Trump aide Michael Cohen and Korea Aerospace Industries.

"With regards to your inquiry on my involvement with Michael Cohen, I was brought in as business consultant and translator between Michael Cohen and Korea Aerospace Industries," Ko told CNN in an email. "The relationship officially ended on November 2017."

It was reported this week that Korea Aerospace Industries paid Cohen $150,000 in consulting fees.


There's a few things we've come to know, that Mark Ko left unexplained however.

This is like AT&T saying "We've made a big mistake.."

If Avenatti is drawing out the apologies & explainations, his last tweet is proving effective.

When they suddenly step forward with a 'perfectly simple explanation', we keep asking more questions.

Wendy Siegelman, "something's not adding up"


Avenatti 'BASTA' Tee Shirt & more/ Own a Piece of History!!

Wish I'd thought of this..damn!

$14.99 Ebay


Avenatti Speaks. Search ensues for 'DEMETER DIRECT'

Follow Here!

The search for Who is Demeter Direct, suspected to be a shell co, now suddenly the site is abandoned, & eventually ended up with a possible link to the KOCH Bros & AT&T.



Funny, Demeter Direct website is down, hmm. Cached version shows partial client list: Chrysler, Dodge, FedEx, Verizon, Walmart, Sony, Jeep.

It’s got the same phone number and same IP address and same server as (link: http://pk2entertainment.com) pk2entertainment.com Start digging guys.

Pk2entertainment has a contact address that is the same as the registration address given for Demeter, a company called Sirens Entertainment that’s incorporated in Delaware, and a company called Anatica Inc that was incorporated 24 days ago.

Address3500 W. 6TH STREET STE 223
Company numberC3237285
Incorporation Date10th November 2009
Last Statement Filed19th February 2016
Updated at 12th May 2018

Most importantly who owns Demeter Direct Inc.? What were they paid for? Where did the funds go from there?







And just today,

AT&T: "We made a big mistake"


Schneiderman/Franken & ratfker Roger Stone/ re: Louise Mensch & friends

I really don't give a shit if anyone has a personal vendetta against Mensch.
Hit the trash thread key or follow along.
She's outed names who shed a familiar light on the ratfking of Schneiderman & Franken.

Others have contibuted and they connect to more of the underbelly of how the mob operates to achieve their goal.


Staff writer at the New Yorker Ms. Gonnerman is credited for organizing the report. She was well known to Mr. Credico and also appeared on his show Jan 2017

Remember this?

It almost smells like a coordinated hit job, vaguely reminds me of Al Franken last Fall. 🤔

Except this one is much more sinister!

Roger Stone oozes shadiness...can’t wait to see him perp walked in handcuffs out of a courtroom to spend his twilight years at Florence ADX.

And Here's another link to explore:

Great interesting replies & links & you can read along here & Appreciate what they've brought ti light, Or you can wait for MSM to tell you.

Your choice.


"This is what they did to Al Franken, only more sinister"

Australia: "Hillary Clinton focused on US mid-terms"


Hillary Clinton focused on US mid-terms
3:18am May 11, 2018

Former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is focusing on America's mid-term elections, hoping the Democrats can win back at least one chamber of congress.

Ms Clinton is on a brief, two-stop speaking tour in Australia, her first visit since losing the 2016 US presidential election to Donald Trump.

She shared a stage in Melbourne on Thursday night with former Australian prime minister Julia Gillard and will do so again in Sydney on Friday night.

The former US secretary of state, who has ruled out another bid for the presidency, said her primary focus as a citizen is on the November elections.

She noted the entire House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate were up for election.

"I think it's imperative that the Democrats take at least one of those houses back, preferably both, and begin to act as a check and balance on the White House.

"Right now the Republican majority is cowed, intimidated or actually approves of everything that's going on.

"It's quite concerning to me because unchecked power, whether you agree with how it's being used or not, should be avoided and prevented in a democracy

Unsurprisingly, the treatment of women in politics came up during Thursday's event.

"The only way we'll get sexism out of politics is to get more women into politics," Ms Clinton said.

The 5000 attendees paid between $195 and $495 for tickets to hear Ms Clinton speak at the function organised by Australian business events group The Growth Faculty.

Clinton tells Australia: 'Stand up to China'

An Evening with Hillary Clinton, Melbourne
Julia Gillard, who as prime minister showed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton around Melbourne in 2010, welcomed her friend back down under on Thursday.




Clinton tells Australia: Stand up to China

Former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton says Chinese efforts to gain political power and manipulate policy outcomes is an urgent problem.

Australia must not allow an expansionist China to subvert Australia's national interests, former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton warns.

Ms Clinton said Australia must stand up to "under the radar" efforts to influence Australian politics as China extends its influence and power.

The former US presidential candidate said Australia must be a strong and savvy advocate for its own interests and understand how best to deal with an expansionist China.

"I would hope that Australia would stand up against efforts, under the radar as we say, to influence Australian politics and policy," Ms Clinton told an event in Melbourne on Thursday night.

"You must not let that happen. It is insidious."

It could eat away at the fabric of democracy and build distrust, she added.

"If you think there's a hidden hand somewhere that is buying off politicians or otherwise exercising influence, then that begins to really tear at the fabric of a democratic society.

"It is imperative for the Australian government to protect Australia's interests."

Ms Clinton said the US must remain a Pacific power, having provided a counter-point to Chinese expansionism.

"I am hoping that we will have American leadership once again to back you up and support you in what you need to do to be a good trading partner, take advantage of the strategic position you find yourself in, but not allow China to undermine or subvert your own national interests or values."

Ms Clinton said Australia must pay heed to warnings about Chinese efforts to gain political power and manipulate policy outcomes.

"This is an urgent problem and one we must confront immediately and together."

Ms Clinton said what had been learned about the Russian interference in the 2016 US election, which she lost to Donald Trump, was more than alarming.

"It is a clear and present danger to democracy," she said.


BIDEN: Former Western leaders join forces to fight Russian meddling


Article from WaPo


Former Western leaders join forces to fight Russian meddling


"Closer to home, there are signs Russia is interfering in upcoming elections in Mexico. Before the next U.S. presidential election, in 2020, which Biden may be involved in, there will be 20 major elections in European Union and NATO countries.

“You have a lot of examples of the Russians trying to stir up dissatisfaction, spur nationalism, in an attempt to weaken the confidence in our democratic institutions,” Rasmussen said. “I told Biden this is not just an American challenge.”

Biden will attend the first commission meeting in Copenhagen in June as part of the Copenhagen Democracy Summit. Both efforts are funded through the Alliance of Democracies Foundation. Biden told me that the commission will work toward finding best practices and policies among the United States and its European allies to thwart subversive measures by Russia and any other countries that may want to interfere.

“In recent years we have witnessed how the Kremlin has used cyberattacks, disinformation campaigns, and weaponized corruption to try to sow chaos and deepen divisions within our democratic societies,” he said. “We need to fight back against this malign influence by reducing our vulnerabilities and exposing Russia’s tactics.”

The current list of commissioners includes former Mexican president Felipe Calderón, former Estonian president Toomas Hendrik Ilves and Chertoff, who told me that the commission is meant to look forward rather than to relitigate the controversies of 2016.

This is not meant to be a historical exercise,” Chertoff said. “It’s an effort to promote those policies that will protect our democracies from being manipulated or subverted.”

The idea of building a coalition of democracies to counter rising autocratic threats to the liberal world order has been pushed for years by Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.). In his soon-to-be-released book, “The Restless Wave,” McCain recalls watching Vladimir Putin’s interference in several countries, including Ukraine and Montenegro, and how similar his tactics were in the United States.

China is the challenge of the century, but Putin is the immediate threat to America and other democracies, McCain writes. However, our effort to confront this challenge is hampered by our internal divisions, our divided politics and our dissociation from our liberal democratic values.

“We will stop him when we stop letting our partisan and personal interests expose our national security interests, even the integrity of our democracy and the rule of law, to his predation,” McCain writes. “We will stop him when we start believing in ourselves again.”

Global democratic leadership cannot depend on one senator, one former vice president or one commission. Leaders in open societies from different political perspectives must put aside old disagreements and join to share information, build defenses and educate our publics.

Absent that, Russia will continue to undermine our democratic systems, spur instability and fuel nationalism on both the left and the right sides of the political spectrum. If that is allowed, liberal democracies will fail their own people and no longer serve as a model for those living in autocratic systems today.
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