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Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 06:59 PM
Number of posts: 7,982

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

It is reprehensible

Emphasis mine

No empathy, no sympathy, NO FUCKING PLAN. It is not in him to offer relief. It all falls at trumps feet.

A muliti-layered plan of genius

The fact that he is speaking at all
The fact that he is doing this on federal property
The fact that he is doing this on the lawn where his wife of dubious record has torn up the roses of the first ladies for the last 100 years
The fact that he is an obnoxious, nasty, homophobic, islamaphobic, racist, conman, death cult leader, stealer of democracy.

Honk fucking honk

Two dozen former Republican lawmakers come out against Trump on first day of GOP convention

Fox News reports that the list of former GOP lawmakers is headlined by Jeff Flake, the former Arizona senator who frequently clashed with the president before retiring in 2018.

The other Republicans endorsing Biden are former Sens. John Warner of Virginia, Gordon Humphrey of New Hampshire, and former Reps. Steve Bartlett of Texas, Bill Clinger of Pennsylvania, Tom Coleman of Missouri, Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania, Charles Djou of Hawaii, Mickey Edwards of Oklahoma, Wayne Gilchrest of Maryland, Jim Greenwood of Pennsylvania, Bob Inglis of South Carolina, Jim Kolbe of Arizona, Steve Kuykendall of California, Ray LaHood of Illinois, Jim Leach of Iowa, Connie Morella of Maryland, Mike Parker of Mississippi, Jack Quinn of New York, Claudine Schneider of Rhode Island, Chris Shays of Connecticut, Peter Smith of Vermont, Alan Steelman of Texas, Bill Whitehurst of Virginia, Dick Zimmer of New Jersey, and Jim Walsh of New York.



60% pretty much hate Trump

ABC-Ipsos poll:
Trump favorables
Favorable 32%
Unfavorable 60%

Of course if he manages to steal the election - think of Belarus right now, that number means nothing,
HOWEVER, America is not Belarus yet, and so every vote counts. Can I suggest my loves that we flip those numbers to maintain urgency in this election. After all, in 1996, Boris Yeltsin's approval rating never climbed above 10% but he won reelection. We must never underestimate the power of hideous and desperate Trumpers.


Back in the before times we had...

Then along came 2016 and the devastating consequences of evil gaslighting a nation to 'victory' based on hate not hope. After 4 years of Trump doing his best to destroy hope, it is very clear that everyone has to say NOPE to the bloviating, narcissistic, lying, immoral, unethical, racist, grifting, corrupting, egotistical, vainglorious, loudmouthed, hubristic, vicious wrong doing embracer of manís worst impulses.

We know that Joe Biden is the exact opposite of the horror that is the shit stain in the White house. 2020 brings hope in the form of a man who has dedicated his life to public service. A man who is unselfish, sacrificing, ethical, moral, honest, anti-racist, modest, unconceited embracer of Americas best ideals.

Graphic mine

Isn't it splendid that instead of only being able to look back and miss Barack, in a time of great despair, we can look now forward and support Joe in this time of renewed hope.


Happy Sunday!

Love helps make the world go round

Graphic mine

When someone is incapable of love they can literally start the world burning. Trump has proved this. January 2021 love will reenter the White House after 4 years loveless interlude. Hurrah!

It's time for good and decent people to face down the bullies holding America back

After almost four years, if you can still find it within yourself to openly support Donald Trump, thatís a ďyouĒ problem. That says more about your (lack of) morality, compassion, and human decency than anything I could think of. The simple truth is that good people donít support a bad man, and if after all this time you havenít seen that Donald Trump is the worst and most damaged malignant narcissists and sociopaths that humanity has to offer, I donít know what might convince you. Your willingness to support an amoral demagogue who not only lies faster than the speed of fact-checking but shows no empathy for the more than 170,000 (and counting) Americans whoíve succumbed to COVID-19 betrays your lack of humanity.

I try hard to believe that no human is beyond redemption, but itís a struggle for me to think of Trump supporters as anything but human flotsam. Consumed by their anger, resentment, and racial animus, they detest the idea of government acting compassionately towards those not like themselves. As much as I struggle to understand how another human being could be consistently angry and miserable enough to support someone who sells an ďAmerica is HellĒ vision, I simply canít go there. America isnít beyond redemption. Itís not the property of the White race. And itís certainly a hellhole threatened 24/7/365 by MS-13, illegal aliens, and scary Black people. I believe in the goodness of America and itís considerable potentialÖbecause that hasnít changed. Weíve just been distracted by a wannabe despot selling lies and division. Itís time we demanded better.

Emphasis mine


It is their sweet spot

Grifters gonna grift
Con men gonna con
Fraudsters gonna steal
Swindlers gonna swindle
Scammers gonna scam
Cheaters gonna cheat
Tricksters gonna trick

They are mountebank's to a one. And I guarantee you they were laughing their rotten socks off at the idiots that gleefully sent their hate filled dollars to build that damn wall. You know the one that Mexico was going to pay for...
The long con has been in play for quite some time. From in the before land, when Bannon and Trump first starting plotting about how to gas light a certain section of America, into following a doctrine of hate and spite, cheating and lying to get power for one thing only - what they could get out of it. This grift is just another example of what they are all doing all of the time - and taking advantage of the very people that put them in power is a given for them. Of course as these people were contributing to a white supremacy keep out brown people racist far right initiative means I have zero sympathy for any of them. When this period is over and the covers are taken off the long con there are going to many a perp walk for us all to enjoy.

It is the casual callousness that gets me

Looking at the Trumps efforts to delegitimise postal voting is a clear play for a man desperate to cling to power, when he knows if he plays fair he will lose, bigly. Of course, he is fucking this up like every other thing he touches, with large swathes of his poor red state voters being equally damaged by the bollocks they are trying to pull at the Post Office. They are playing with peopleís lives and it is all part of the election coup plotting. It is the casual disregard that gets me. You know that not for one second did they consider the effects of slowing down the mail on the old, the vulnerable and veterans. That they cannot pay bills, or get their medicine on time, or receive their income cheques on time, all in the time of covid, speaks volumes of the nasty that comes out of the WH. They would happily see their core constituents suffer up to and onto death if they believe it will get Trump re-elected. Fucking Nazis.

Butt hurt racist is butt hurt about losing his job cause he is a butt hurt racist.

Hehe. And leave Dolly Parton alone you racist fucker.
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