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Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 06:59 PM
Number of posts: 7,919

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

UK citizens at risk of death penalty or Guantanamo Bay under new deal with US, parliamentary inquiry


UK citizens are at risk of the death penalty in the US – or of being sent to Guantanamo Bay – under a fast-track data-sharing deal struck by Priti Patel, a parliamentary inquiry is warning.

The home secretary also comes under fire for keeping the details of the agreement reached with Washington under wraps when it was announced as a breakthrough last month.

The deal will give police and intelligence agencies speedy access to electronic communications sent by terrorists, serious crime gangs and white-collar criminals.

But the investigation, by a House of Lords committee, has poured scorn on a claim that the UK will be able to contain “credible assurances” that extradited suspects will not be put to death.

It also strongly criticises the “asymmetric” nature of the arrangement – which will give the US far greater powers to target UK citizens than vice-versa.


Well Pritti has always had a hard on for the death penalty coming back.
This is a taste of what to come post Brexit chaps.

Well, with hindsight...

That would have been bloody marvellous!
The 'emotional woman' canard is so fucking old.
Biff Baff Uppercut

They have nothing other than pounding the table and yelling like hell...

No facts, no law... nadda.
Very angry male pale and stale privileged arseholes having a collective deceitful temper tantrum to deflect from the FACTS. To be fair is has worked for white privileged men for centuries, only their 'facts' have historically ever mattered ... why would they believe that their collective nasty disavowing of the TRUTH would not work this time?

I think they may be in for a bit of shock though.

Pompeo is in this up to his grubby lying neck...


It's clear why Mike Pompeo has refused to release this information to Congress.

It reveals a clear paper trail from Rudy Giuliani to the Oval Office to Secretary Pompeo to facilitate Giuliani’s smear campaign against a U.S. ambassador.

Hideous entitled treacherous bullies

Tsk tsk. Well know we now why Pompeo is still backing Trump. Jail is never kind to an overweight white supremacist elite pompous arsehole

Complete sentences! How terribly novel in a President...

Obviously President Obama will be remembered for much more than this, but still....bloody good point! Heh.

The highway to fascist autocratic hell is paved with...

The highway to fascist autocratic hell is paved with the discarded patriotism, honour and decency of the empty souls of those who remain committed to the conservative movement.

Some conservatives shredded any sense of morality and integrity a long long time ago, but one always had the sense that there were some good eggs left. Some who one may disagree with on policy, but you knew their intentions came from the right place – that they wanted to serve the country. Now, if they are still aligned with the conservative movement, their souls are stained indelibly with the stench of partisanship, xenophobia, deceit and self-serving dishonesty. They care not one jot for the people, the rule of law or our long held democratic conventions.

Yesterday conservatives sat and listened to Dr Fiona Hill thoroughly debunk the notion that Ukraine tried to influence the 2016 election, and that, indeed, Russian interference in US governance is endemic. Literally within minutes of her testimony these same conservatives, again, started pushing the Russian Security Services fake narrative of ‘but Ukraine.’ They are agents of the Russian State, sitting in Congress. They are no better here in England, where the conservatives are refusing to release a parliamentary report into Russian interference with Brexit. They are agents of the Russian State, sitting in Parliament. Western conservatives enabling the wanker of the East to destabilise our countries because of power and greed. Traitors, the lot of them, they are deserters of democracy.

Show me a conservative who puts country before power and law above party in today's climate and I am afraid I would think you were trying to befuddle me! I could certainly not believe my eyes…

Not all heroes wear capes

'fictional narrative'


They are not victims, they are accomplices...

Looking at some of the ‘real folk’ opinion in both the UK and the US right now tells us that there may be enough voters to re-elect the far-right wankers, that are Trump and Boris. And make no mistake, at this point, they will be voting for them BECAUSE of their behaviour and not in spite of it. I used to have sympathy with the idea that a ‘left behind’ cohort had been manipulated and captured by fear mongering racists, populists, cheats and deceivers – privileged, bombastic white men selling out democracy for power and personal gain - but not anymore.

Those that STILL support Trump and Boris at this moment, after all we have been witness too, clearly demonstrate that they don’t care if the system collapses, either because they think nothing can be worse than they have now, or because they stand to profit from the shit that is cascading in every direction. Either way it is profoundly selfish decision making and a deeply nihilistic approach, that is both disruptive in the extreme to the wider communities and dangerous to our rule of law.

They don’t care if the house burns down. That cannot be forgiven.

‘A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims… but accomplices.’ George Orwell

A Deathly Menace

Literally this. Right now.

If he is superior then we are officially in the Twilight Zone...

Delusional old git actually DOES think this... I have decided we are literally in a new reality and normal world still exists in a different dimension. A world where Hillary was elected and Brexit did not happen and we are not ruled by white supremacist privileged simpletons who think they above the law. I am sure Soph in the normal world dimension would NOT BELIEVE how quickly shit falls down when racist wanker authoritarian wannabees are given the keys to the democratic kingdom, so they can destroy it. Heh.

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