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Irish_Dem's Journal
Irish_Dem's Journal
May 1, 2023

Americans aren't reeling, they are sitting on their hands doing nothing.

We wondered how the Germans could let Hitler kill their fellow citizens with impunity.

How is the current state of affairs in the US any different?

Corrupt politicians insist that Americans become angry, full of rage and have
a strong desire for revenge over made up issues.
And then they give everyone an assault rifle.

So we have an American gestapo who gleefully kills American citizens.

And WE THE PEOPLE pretend they have nothing to do with it.
Refuse to take responsibly and perform their civic duty.

All paths lead back to the American voter.
Same people who look like they are going to vote to end democracy.

Yes color me DISGUSTED.

April 29, 2023

Yes the law is now completely detached from right and wrong.

The law is used to punish and control others.
And to protect the rich and powerful.

No common sense.
Not one iota of concern for the American people.

The Supreme Court pretends to come from a moral core, but it is all a lie and fake.
It is all politics, power and money.

School children being murdered in classrooms means nothing to them at all.
Women dying in hospital parking lots, not a problem.

The loss of our democracy and the installation of a fascist regime is fine with them.

Being bribed with $$millions and then ruling in favor of those rich crooks is fine
with them.

April 28, 2023

Americans have learned the hard way the Honor Code is meaningless

when people have no honor.

Shame shame shame on the supreme court.

April 28, 2023

My USAF father flew combat in three wars and my US Navy uncle was killed in WWII.

Bringing supplies to the marines on Guadalcanal.

I can 100% guarantee that they did not put their lives on the line so that
my daughter can be hunted down like an animal because she is gay.

The world should be glad both men are in heaven now,
because if my father and uncle could see what Nazi fascists
have done to this country, and that my child is in danger,
the cussing would be epic and nonstop.

April 28, 2023

I was taught these two concepts from a very early age.

From my Dad, a first generation Irish American who adored Jack Kennedy.

My dad was career US Air Force. He always said he was in the Air Force but he
worked for the AMERICAN PEOPLE. They were his bosses.

This concept made a big impression on me. We The People was real
and it was sacred. My dad was willing to die for it.

He risked his life for American freedom and to ensure every generation
did better for their children. He flew combat in three US wars and was proud and
happy to serve.

My Dad's Irish parents immigrated to the US as young adults. In Ireland for 1000 years their families had been subjugated, controlled, starved, denied their religion, the ability to read or write, own property. They were enslaved by the British.

So when my Irish family got off the ship and stepped foot on the ground in Boston Massachusetts, it was the first time in one thousand years my family had been free, truly free. (Most Americans cannot even wrap their heads around this idea.)

This fact was not lost on my father, he was proud and honored to serve the country which had taken in his family. When my military uncle was killed as a member of the US Navy in WWII bringing supplies to the marines on Guadalcanal, our family was devastated but understood we owed the United States.

Every day I post my heart on this and other forums. Standing up for what is right, defending democracy and the ideals of JFK and my father and uncle.

It is the very least I can do.

April 28, 2023

Russia has already claimed a big chunk of the US with GOP help.

The GOP is turning the US into a fascist Russian colony.

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