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Member since: Fri Jul 14, 2017, 07:13 PM
Number of posts: 1,068

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Fringe Element

In the last fifteen Presidential Elections we have been able to elect a Democrat seven times. That means a total of twenty-eight years of having our candidate in office. The balance of that time is thirty-two years of having a Republican in office. Thirty –two years of tax cuts, cuts to programs that assist people of various age groups. Essentially, Republican administrations have been the definition of cuts. The one we have now will modify that definition.

Certain people in the Right Wing view the Democrats as a fringe element. A fringe element. The Democratic Party has always held to the Constitution. We have never committed a treasonous act. Unlike certain members of the Right Wing. The word incarceration comes to mind.

Ronald Reagan 45

45 thinks he can somehow become as popular as Ronald Reagan. Maybe through some miracle like him becoming smarter from maybe, a brain transplant, or probably God anointing him with the knowledge he has missed out on getting so far. Whatever it is that he envisions as his saving grace, I am convinced it is purely delusional. Delusion seems to be the operative word for this administration.

Whoever you talk to, these people are all working from delusion. Past presidencies worked from actual fact. This oe completely different. Bizarre. I know that I used this word in a previous post, b8ut this is what we are seeing. Day after day.

Get started Right now

Who is it in the Democratic Party that can get things started?
First, Democratic candidates being electable for every ballot in 2018.
Second, Someone, anyone that can take the reins and be nominated as a Democrat and win in 2020.

I know what 45 did to the Republican Party. I am not asking for that kind of turmoil. Simply, a candidate that can come out with a statement like “Hey 45, Put a sock in it”.

That would probably be a nice campaign slogan.
We could put that on hats, T-shirts, pin, banners, billboard signs.

Any recommendations?

Two days

Sean Spicer has been gone for two days now. IMHO Spicer and Kellyanne Conway are two of the most stupid people on the cabinet. Now he is gone and we are dealing with Scaramucci (I am not even if that is how you spell it right. To me it does not matter). This guy looks like he wants to sell you a Pyramid scheme. I actually picture him saying "Have I got an investment opportunity for you". Anybody else out there get the same vibe?

And now for something completely different...again

Apologies go out to Memphis Slim Rest In Peace


Every day I have the blues
From watching the news
They are tearing
up our democracy
To form
their aristocracy

Empire building
is on the rise
Please, please stop
telling me your lies

It just does not matter
who talks to the press
“Put some lipstick on the pig
and give it a new dress”

He is in for four years
He was talking about eight
What?!?...Eight Years!
This country will suffocate

He cannot understand
why we react this way
He wants to
“Make America Great Again”
After all is
said and done
This country cannot
take the strain

After twenty-six weeks

Just a little check to see where we are at right now. 45 has been in office for twenty-six weeks now. It seems like twenty-six years. And what do we have?
A pile of Executive Orders ( however many that still need to be enacted upon, I do not know )
Two cabinet members gone ( seems like you need to put in a revolving door with all of the people coming in and going out )
One FBI Director gone

Repeal of Obamacare bogged down like it was caught in one of them sinkholes
Tax Reform Only in a wet dream that 45 might have, if he has them
National Deficit Only 46 can do that, and a Democrat this time
Draining the swamp Is 45 really that smart enough that he can find the plug to pull it, or is there more than one plug

I miss Barack Obama
I miss Bill Clinton
I miss Jimmy Carter

Mark Cuban

I think it was last March that Mark Cuban. Owner of the NBA Dallas Mavericks said that 45 has no command, leadership, or management skills. And he is supposed to run companies without any of that. Bizarre.

Manure Spreader

After two years of listening to 45. Pre and Post Inauguration, I think I have finally heard the statement out of his mouth that might top everything else.
“The Republicans are not going to own an Obamacare fail”. Somebody might need to inform him that the Republicans control The White House, House, and Senate. With that kind of control they still have problems getting the repeal and replace done.

Is he that much of an outsider that he does not realize what is right in front of his face. The American public does not want Right Wing Healthcare. We saw that in the people that mobbed Town hall meetings during the initial House vote on the Paul Ryan Healthcare version. That version I assume is probably the one that Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan tried to get through in their failed 2012 Election bid.

To sum it up the Republicans are now totally irresponsible. That makes me feel safe and secure here.

And now for something completely different

With apologies to Bob Dylan, folk music artists, folk music fans, and maybe even some flower children


How many things can a man do wrong
Before we say he has gone too far?
How many times can a man repeat a wrong
over and over before we call it bizarre?

How many lives can a man
disrupt before we take a stand?
How many seas can a man pollute
before we say not in our land?
How many times will we let the insults fly
Before they’re forever banned?
The answer, my friend, is swingin' in the wind
The answer is swingin' in the wind

How many years can a criminal empire exist
Before everyone is tried and sent to jail?
How many times must we keep seeing this
Before honesty and truth prevail?
How many times can the justice system turn its head
And pretend that it just doesn’t see – the answer
The answer, my friend, is swingin' in the wind
The answer is swingin' in the wind

How many times can a man look up
Before he sees the sky?
How many ears must one person have
Before he can hear people cry?
And how many deaths will it take 'till he knows
That too many people have died?
The answer, my friends, is swingin' in the wind
The answer is swingin' in the wind
Oh, the answer, my friends, is swingin' in the wind
The answer is swingin' in the wind

Ann Coulter

This is something that I feel I need to post. It is a bit of a long story, so bear with me. During the George W. Bush presidency the Canadian television network CBC did interviews with Bill O’Reilly and Ann Coulter. Coulter was asked why the United States was treating Canada with disdain because the Canadians did not want to enter the war effort in Iraq. Coulter responded by saying that Canada sent troops in WWI, WWII, and The Korean War. The interview went on with Coulter saying that Canada had troops in the United States war effort in Vietnam. The interviewer objected saying “No, Canada did not send any troops to Vietnam”. Coulter was dumbfounded and said that she would have to look that up and recheck her facts.
This was alright with me. You make a mistake, you correct it. Nothing of the kind with Coulter. She wound up talking about that Canadian “Dudley DoRight” interviewer. Are you kidding me? She went out there and said that about an interviewer that was smart enough to fill her in on a misconception of hers. It was also that classic politician brush off move of “I will have to recheck my facts”. This is what makes my blood boil. This woman writes a column, books, and goes on speaking tours. She sits on top of the Right Wing prestige ladder. She can not be bothered to admit a misconception. That would be a black marl on her reputation. We do not want any black marks on her reputation. Perish the thought.
Those pictures that she took on the Delta flight and the people in the seats that she says were supposed to be hers. That is bad karma coming down on top of her. I think it was a couple of months into 45 administration that she gave him a rating of A+++. Well, you know how much that rating is worth. Absolutely nothing. Zero. I believe you can take Coulter and Kellyanne Conway, box them up together, and sell them on a Clearance Sale. They are taking up way too much valuable store shelf space.
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