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Name: Pet Rock
Gender: Male
Hometown: TN, KY
Home country: USA
Current location: KY
Member since: Thu Jul 6, 2017, 06:43 PM
Number of posts: 12,124

Journal Archives

How can he turn it into a success? Simple - like the GOP always does it.

The GOP is already using this crisis as an opportunity to further demean and destroy the Federal Government by cutting taxes, further exploding debt, and pushing normal federal responsibility off onto our states.

In addition, beyond subsidizing citizens just enough to survive, if we don't rescue many thousands of small business and many millions of mortgage loan holders, there will be massive additional asset consolidation at fire-sale prices that will increase asset concentration toward the ultra-wealthy and plutocrats.

They are all hedged and we the citizens are not.

By virtue of the process above, Trump will be celebrated a success by the big money boys that really count.

Plus, after each crash they always use our money from profits to turn right around and design a new way to flim-flam the public into voting for them again.

KY rant done........

Call someone you know that may be isolated and be a phone friend

Call someone you know that may be isolated and be a phone friend if.....

* They have lost a loved one or friend recently.

* They are likely to need food, important supplies or medications.

* They have always been a highly social or extroverted type.

* They might have a birthday, anniversary or holiday event to discuss.

* They have been laid off or fired from their job.

* They have mental issues of any type or might be prone to commit suicide (seek professional help).

I'm not suggesting in any way that we call people and give them advice, but only to make a human connection which is very important for all of us.

It does not matter whether you can solve your friend's or family member's problem. What matters most is that you cared enough to call and discuss their issues. If there's a way you can help, it will evolve from the conversation.

Calls can lend comfort, companionship, empathy, sympathy and the warmth of just hearing another human voice.

Calls will benefit both caller and callee.

I suggest we all sit down and make a list of those we may want to call during this crisis.

Feel free to add to the above list if you think of others.......

Abigail Disney reacts to crowds at Disney World theme park: 'Are you f--ing kidding me?

Abigail Disney reacts to images of big crowds at Disney World theme park: ‘Are you f—ing kidding me?’
Published: March 16, 2020 at 2:02 p.m. ET
By Shawn Langlois

Read here: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/abigail-disney-reacts-to-images-of-big-crowds-at-disney-world-theme-park-are-you-fing-kidding-me-2020-03-16?mod=MW_article_top_stories

Abigail Disney, granddaughter of the Walt Disney Co. co-founder Roy Disney, has a history of criticizing the company that helped make her incredibly wealthy.

According to WDW News Today, which is not affiliated with Disney, the images were taken at Sunday’s showing of “Happily Ever After” at Disney World ahead of its closure. Considering the push to #StayAtHome amid the coronavirus pandemic, the images of people clearly not “social distancing” struck a chord across the internet.

A source at Disney told MarketWatch that the gathering “was not some sort of party” and that the crowd was actually lighter than usual for fireworks shows. Last week, Disney announced the closure of its iconic holiday destinations but said that the hotels of Disneyland Resort would remain open until Monday to give the guests time to make the necessary travel arrangements.

Another good tweet of hers:
Good to have a billionaire or two on our side...........

Most everyone is filled with subconscious fear right now which brings out...

the worst of our primitive instincts for self preservation.

Those of us raised to be unselfish and caring are able to quench those primitive urges....to a point. Yet, we always reach out to help our fellow-man.

However, those of us raised to be greedy and self-centered show anger and selfishness quickly with the slightest of threat.

I think what you were hearing was those subconscious fears erupting to the surface from a variety of personalities.

Did any of them discuss what they planned on doing to help others during this crisis?

Expressions of humility, empathy and caring for others is a sign of a true progressive....

Corona Virus and Airline Flying

This is an interesting take on the air supply systems on airliners by a professional pilot (he's currently on medical leave). He walks us through the systems and where the air comes from and why it's so damned dry.


Chaos as 30,000 British tourists told to leave French ski resorts

Chaos as 30,000 British tourists told to leave French ski resorts
Urgent repatriation efforts under way after mountain resorts close to tackle coronavirus

Lisa O'Carroll @lisaocarroll
Sun 15 Mar 2020 13.31 GMT

Read it here: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/15/coronavirus-chaos-as-30000-british-tourists-told-to-leave-french-ski-resorts

Urgent efforts to repatriate 30,000 British tourists from ski resorts in France are under way amid warnings of “widespread failures” in the travel sector in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

French mountain resorts closed at midnight on Saturday, hours after tens of thousands of skiers had landed for their annual holiday in the snow. Leading ski and summer activity holiday company Neilson has called for the government to step in with “emergency measures”.

There were reports of chaos and confusion across the Alps with one source saying local police had taken the French government’s message into their own hands and were going round hotels and restaurants telling marooned Britons to go home immediately.

Would someone please tell this dumb 'ole country boy why the hell so many people are still far way from home on vacations and business and school-related trips including thousands of Americans?

Sounds like a very bad case of Boris and Donald to me.

KY.............. .......

Pilot's perspective on severe impacts hitting the airline industry

Juan Browne is a professional airline pilot. He's currently on medical leave.

Ah hah! Some evangelical megachurches are finally coming out of denial.

This is a site from an evangelical megachurch in Louisville, Southeast Christian Church:

Southeast Christian Church COVID-19 Update

See: https://www.southeastchristian.org/update

Thursday, March 12 at 8:58 p.m. - First, we want to thank you for your patience and flexibility. Your prayers and encouragement have been awesome! Thank you! As our current situation develops, we are praying, discussing, and listening while we make decisions on how best to be the church. This situation changes fast. We know more today than we did yesterday regarding how COVID-19 spreads, and that necessitated a change of direction for this weekend’s worship gathering.

As you may know, the elders have decided to suspend all large in-person gatherings at all of our campuses, including worship services, until further notice. But we will be meeting exclusively LIVE online this weekend for worship services. We welcome you to join us on all of our church-wide digital platforms: YouTube, Facebook, and online, which airs Sunday mornings at 9:15 a.m., 11:30 a.m., 2:00 p.m., and 8:00 p.m.

Many of us are wondering when we will be able to gather again to worship on our campuses. While we don’t have a specific answer, we will assess the situation on a week-by-week basis. In the meantime, we can’t wait to hear the stories about how God uses our online worship gatherings.

Our decisions are not made out of fear in any way; rather, they are motivated by how we can best love our neighbors by preventing the spread of the virus unnecessarily. And we believe this gives us the opportunity to spread the message of hope in Jesus Christ with our neighbors and those who are closest to us.

To be clear, all of our on-campus in-person gatherings are canceled until further notice.

I assume their statement implies that God now has high-speed internet......

One of Mother Nature's "welcome to reality" moments......

Thousands arriving from China and Europe at U.S. airports have faced no CV screening

Thousands arriving from China and Europe at U.S. airports have faced no coronavirus screening
Published: March 14, 2020 at 11:58 p.m. ET
By Associated Press

Read it here: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/thousands-arriving-from-china-and-europe-at-us-airports-have-faced-no-coronavirus-screening-2020-03-14

NEW YORK (AP) — In the weeks before President Donald Trump spoke from the Oval Office this week to announce restrictions on travelers from more than two dozen countries in Europe, thousands of people from the region already had stepped off planes at U.S. airports, and an untold number of them may have carried the coronavirus.

The same can be said of flights from China in the weeks before the U.S. clamped down on those. Thousands who visited the country where the illness began had entered the United States without any kind of health review.

Such sobering realities highlight just one element of the federal government’s shortcomings in getting ahead of the virus and halting its spread from overseas travelers.

We must somehow hold tRump and his inept administration accountable for the worsening of this global outbreak. I hope Congress through Speaker Pelosi holds his feet to the fire with no mercy.


'If you're sick, they don't care' (re retail workers)

I can't imagine working at a cash register of any kind with people coughing in my face and handling their money and cart goods all day long during this virus pandemic. I would be morbid with fear no matter the wage.

Article on The Guardian UK today:

‘If you’re sick, they don’t care’: pandemic forces fast-food industry to review its policies
With only 15% of food workers guaranteed paid sick leave, employees are reluctant to take time off for illness

Read here: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/12/if-youre-sick-they-dont-care-pandemic-forces-food-service-to-review-its-policies

This brushing off of illness is common in many places within the food service and restaurant industry and has been for many years. But with the recent coronavirus outbreak, being sick is no longer something people can shrug off given the illness’s ability to spread rapidly and efficiently.

The culture around sick leave in the food service industry is that it is nearly nonexistent. The CDC says that 15% of food workers have paid sick leave. That means a bulk of people in the industry are part of the 32 million American workers who are without paid sick leave.

Poor sick leave policies are an “industry standard” in food service, particularly fast food, said Judy Conti, government affairs director for the National Employment Law Center. The US does not have a federal sick leave policy, with 12 states and Washington DC having paid sick leave laws. “Workers are getting low wage to begin with, so it’s really disadvantageous for them to take time off from work because they won’t get paid,” Conti said.

Let's all be extra compassionate to those who serve us during this horrible time, perhaps tipping even when we normally wouldn't demonstrate our appreciation beyond a "thank you".

KY........ ..........
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