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Member since: Fri Jun 30, 2017, 03:41 PM
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Does Biden need to step in on Texas to help with disaster relief?

Or is that the last thing anyone wants him doing?

As an outsider, it just looks like all systems are failing and its just a shoulder shrug by Republiacan leadership in the state.

So where is the Dem sweet spot for Senate trial?

All I hear is that itís a forgone conclusion that Trump wonít be convicted by the Senate. For the sake of this discussion, letís assume that outcome.

So, do the desired goals become:

1. Presenting ironclad evidence that binds Trump to 1/6 and cements public opinion that he instigated the insurrection and siege.

2. Prevents Trump from holding office again.

How efficiently and effectively can this be done from a timing standpoint? Whatís that sweet spot where impact is made without going too long that Americans tune out? Or is length of time irrelevant and itís all content and House managers ability to sell?

Biden + Harris together at big announcements

Clearly there's a strategy to involve Harris in announcements to increase her exposure and project closeness/teamwork with the President (like yesterday at the State Department, EO signings, COVID initiatives, etc.). They're making good on their promise to showcase Harris as an active VP closely aligned with Biden.

Do you think they'll keep this up for first 100 days only and scale back? Or will they stick with this all the way through midterms or longer? Don't get me wrong. I'm not dogging it. In fact, I think it's brilliant for succession planning. It's just the right amount of expsoure for Harris without overshadowing the President and makes for good optics. This just "feels" buttoned-up and on point. Kudos to all who make this happen.

60 Minutes on those who had loved ones die of COVID.


Let those who deny it, see that segment.
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