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NCDem47's Journal
NCDem47's Journal
September 12, 2018

Trump is such a child. I have proof!


September 8, 2018

I just couldn't make it through Handmaid's Tale

I know. I'm late to this party.

I finally got around to a free trial on Hulu just to binge watch this series.

I had to turn it off in the third episode of season one. It was simply too depressing, dark, and frankly, all too realistic in foretelling what our country can slide into. It truly terrified me and I'm sure that was what the the actors and producers intended. With the Kavanaugh confirmation going on and all of the Republican and evangelical bullshit flying around now, Handmaid's Tale just gave me chills. So, I surfed elsewhere and revisited The West Wing series. Sigh.

I will say that HT made me think of an escape plan if this country truly falls apart. I thought about moving money offshore and how I would get out of the country FAST. It did cross my mind.

Should I stay with the series? Does the remainder of season one or season two offer any hope?

July 17, 2018

Helsinki was sooo yesterday. RWs want to talk about Dem opposition to Kavanaugh

No surprises here.

I know someone associated with NRA TV. They weren’t allowed to mention Helsinki, Trump, Putin or Russia in the same breath. Didn’t help that one of their own, Butina, shared the headlines yesterday with Dear Leader. So, in true deflection mode with their vile base, the ONLY newsworthy item that no one else is covering is why liberals are so hysterical about the Kavanaugh nomination.

True, we Ds need to keep our eyes on all the balls in the air and we fight with authentic passion, but, ALL the world was talking about today was Trump’s Surrender Summitt. WE know how high the stakes are on this one AND the SC nomination.

Watch out. Weapons of mass distraction incoming as we already witnessed this afternoon.

June 21, 2018

You know this jacket will be the new red hat, right?

Deplorables will now go out of their way to snatch these up and where them with pride. It’s a toned down version of the “Fuck your feelings” t-shirt you see at the president’s “rallies.”

If Democrats are asked about this, they should say:

“Frankly, we have more pressing issues to discuss, as uncaring and tone deaf as it was.”

I’m agreeing with others, this is meant to trigger us and they are HOWLING with laughter. Don’t fall for it.

June 18, 2018

Was anyone on DU a regular watcher of "The Apprentice?"

My SEARING hatred of Trump goes waaaay back. I could not understand what audience was watching that awful show. He was a bloviating asshole back then. So pompous. What a poseur! I couldn't stand that show then because of HIM, long before he started to run for president. Even when I was a teenager and watched that ridiculous "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" in the 80s I knew he was a prick who was trying too hard to prove he was better than everyone else. Credit my parents for raising a kid who could spot BS a mile away.

Please tell me there are others out there who turned the channel whenever he came on television (p.s. I still do!).

March 10, 2018

"The Rise of Terrorism" on my local Sinclair station

Oy vey.

Just turned over to Saturday 6 p.m. newscast and caught the tail end of some bullshit program called "The Rise of Terrorism." Oh the D-R-A-M-A!!!! It looked like fear mongering at its worst.

I still watch the local news on this ABC affiliate. As far as I can tell, the Sinclair crap hasn't seeped into the 6 and 11 p.m. newscasts. They must air all that Sinclair "required" content at 4 a.m. in the morning or something. This local channel appears to use more ABC national segments than anything that sniffs of Sinclair.

And what's up with that flag waving graphic for everything? Is that meant to imply that other channels are not as patriotic?

These people are so transparent. Yuck!


January 26, 2018

Ivanka shilling "tax overhaul"

Watching the regional 4 p.m. news and the lead story was Ivanka being in Greenville, SC to push how wonderful the tax scam was.

I SERIOUSLY cannot stand that woman talking. Everything about her annoys me to the core. The pretense and affect are stifling!

Anyway, looks like she is out on tour trying to talk this up and paint a rosy picture for women. All the Republican lackeys were there of course. Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) praised Ivanka for her 'strong, powerful backbone.' UGH. Nothing but an invite-only pep rally to the faithful. I guess no one wanted her in Davos, so we were burdened with her presence.

Here's an article from Greenville News:


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