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New report confirms what Hillary said in her memoir about Sanders:

"Bernie Sanders’s Revolution Will Doom Democrats’ Hopes of Ever Defeating Trump, Warns Think Tank"

Adopting populist economic policies like those championed by Senator Bernie Sanders will keep the Democratic Party locked out of power, according to a report published Tuesday by centrist think tank Third Way.

The report, based on findings of online focus groups with voters who switched support from Barack Obama in 2012 to Donald Trump in 2016, as well as persuadable African-American, Latino and millennial voters, urges Democrats to instead become “the jobs party.”

The report comes amid much soul searching within the Democratic Party following its crushing losses last November in the presidential election, as well as those for the House, Senate and state legislatures. In the aftermath, a battle is being waged over the party’s direction between establishment moderates and progressive firebrands like Sanders and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

The takeaway from Third Way’s three-day focus groups, conducted by polling company Global Strategy Group in May, was that the party has lost touch with its core message in recent years.


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