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APBio Un-Cancelled (!)

Finally some good news. At least for me. Even though I wasn't a fan at first...


Police Chief built a secret force, armed them with weapons...


This top cop ripped apart a Michigan town

He built a secret force, armed them with weapons. Now, ex-Oakley chief Robert Reznick may be headed to prison.

Oakley’s notoriety stretched across the state and nation, as news stories told of an outsize volunteer reserve police force, created by a polarizing chief — Robert Reznick.

He built a unique self-funded police department in the village, supported by donations from his volunteer cops, who gave thousands for the privilege but whose identities were long kept secret, drawing the ire of some residents and triggering years of litigation.

More: They look like cops, but they're not. And they're all over Michigan.

“Cop fights to keep his secret mercenary army,” read a Daily Beast headline in 2015. “150 cops, population 300: pay-to-play policing …” began a headline in The Guardian that same year. And in the Free Press: "Big controversy in tiny village: Why so many reserve cops?"

The typically peaceful community was split: Some Oakley residents wanted Reznick gone; others praised his good work...


Peter Thiel's Palantir software has directly powered ICE's accelerating workplace raids

After seeing Peter Thiel pop up in another thread I was reminded of this piece linked below. Just want to add that history should not be kind to Thiel for this and his support of Trump...

Data Company Directly Powers Immigration Raids in Workplace

| WNYC News | WNYC
Palantir, a secretive data-mining firm co-founded by Trump adviser Peter Thiel, is facing mounting criticism for its work with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. In response, the company has tried to distance itself from ICE’s controversial treatment of undocumented immigrants.

But now, emails obtained by WNYC show that Palantir software has directly powered ICE’s accelerating workplace raids.

In the final weeks of 2017, special agents in ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations’ division were planning a worksite blitz across New York City. As part of their preparation, an ICE supervisor notified staff that they needed to use a Palantir program, called FALCON mobile, for the operation.

“[REDACTION] we want all the team leaders to utilize the FALCON mobile app on your GOV iphones,” wrote the agent, after mentioning several “assignment” locations across all five New York City boroughs.

The email, obtained by WNYC under the federal Freedom of Information Act, continues: “We will be using the FALCON mobile app to share info with the command center about the subjects encountered in the stores as well as team locations."

FALCON mobile allows agents in the field to search through a fusion of law enforcement databases that include information on people’s immigration histories, family relationships, and past border crossings.

The email was sent in preparation for a worksite enforcement briefing on January 8, 2018. Two days later, ICE raided nearly a hundred 7-Elevens across the country, including at least sixteen in New York City. At the time, the raids constituted the largest operation against a single employer in the Trump era...


Were they the warm-up act for Richard Spencer?


How the Media made Richard Spencer a National Figure

How the Media made Richard Spencer a National Figure


CNN, in their eternal quest to peel off FN viewers, with an open invitation to racists.


Archie Bunker'd

Actually I'm encouraged to read your description of the episode. I didn't get a chance to watch it and I probably wouldn't have even if i could. Was never a fan of the show so I'm glad they picked a script that depicted the worst of Archie.

Emily Nussbaum was on Fresh Air yesterday and talked about some of the pushback that Norman Lear received at the time. Lear defended the Archie Bunker character by saying hey we all have that bigoted relative that we love anyhow.


Did Archie Bunker pave the way for Trump or just foreshadow Trump?


Clayton Morris has fled to Portugal


Masha & Keith Gessen

had a great segment a few months ago. Masha talks about the dread she felt with Trump but still feeling confident that the Institutions in place would withstand this. Now she's not confident that they will withstand the Trump presidency...


Looking forward to this one.


Hide the women and children...

literally. As bad as the optics were on this, to any thinking person, it would have been much worse if they hadn't hid the women and children. The only woman there is a Border Patrol Agent. She appears to be from central casting in a meme-reversal sense.


Jeffrey Epstein set up his lodge at Interlochen arts camp -- he tried to groom her teen daughter

Interesting side note is that JonBenét Ramsey's family had a place in nearby Charlevoix Michigan. Maybe there's something in the water up there? Speaking of which Nestlé's® steals tons of fresh water from that area too, but that's another story, for another time.

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