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MARTHA MITCHELL, The Other Watergate Whistleblower: Drunk History



Trump's ambassador to the Czech Republic?




Presidential primary early voting is underway...

Vote early and often


The Guardian has outed the true identity of the mysterious founder of the Base


The Base is a white nationalist terror group that made the news when three of its members were arrested and accused of planning to start a civil war at this week's gun rally in Virginia by murdering cops and opening fire on the pro-gun protesters.

The group has a "culture of secrecy" and its members know its founder by aliases like "Norman Spear" and "Roman Wolf." But The Guardian has uncovered his true identity, using a combination of insider leaks and public records requests. According to the newspaper, "Norman Spear" is Rinaldo Nazzaro, a 46-year-old American from New Jersey whose personal history includes many extravagant claims of providing intelligence and security contracting to governments.

Apart from this, Nazzaro has very little social media presence, but his biographic details and images of him line up with what is know of "Spear."

It's not clear where Nazzaro lives; his wife is Russian and his image appears in advertisements for English language tutoring services in St Petersburg. He also owns an apartment in New Jersey...



"Martin Luther Skiing Day" and "Lemons"

Speaking of tackling tough subjects. I just recently caught 2 episodes that exemplify that.

The first was "Martin Luther Skiing Day" .. First it was funny as heck but also informative. I was not aware that the speaker system was sabotaged just prior to the .. 'I Have a Dream' speech. RFK enlisted the Army Corps of Engineers to get it up and running.

They didn't mention this but I have since read that one possible reason that the Attorney General used them instead of members of his own Justice Department to fix it was a suspicion that J Edgar was behind the sabotage. Which brings us to the second episode I just recently saw.

"Lemons" was an episode of blackish dealing with the election of Trump. They really did a great job of showing how the characters were struggling to come to grips with it. The thing is now, as bad as they imagined it might be, it's turned out even worse.

Going back to RFK being undermined by J Edgar and the FBI. Now we have Bill Barr flipping that on it's head and undermining his own Justice Department. Likewise you have Trump going around his own Intelligence experts using Rudy Guiliani to investigate Crowdstrike. It was inconceivable at the time to think it would get this bad.

Pompeo threatens NPR's Mary Louise Kelly

Team Trump thugs are unhinged and now emboldened...



You're Fired

Totally agree. The one thing we know Trump knows how to do is fire someone.

That's not what he said or intimated in this case. It's​ much more ominous.


J Cofer Black of the Bush Team liked to use that term too ..

Seems to be a favorite of Mob Bosses and right-wing Mob Boss wannabes in the government ...

Gary Schroen alleges that shortly after 9/11, his CIA superior, J. Cofer Black, ordered fellow CIA agents to behead Osama bin Laden, and deliver his head in a box of dry ice to George W. Bush. Black allegedly also ordered the delivery of the heads of other al-Qaeda lieutenants to Bush, on “pikes”...

Not to mention anything Trump has to blackmail them with...

As soon as scumbag Gaetz went against Trump on War Powers the 'Sex Games' story got leaked.

CBS News: Trump team warns "Vote against the president, and your head will be on a pike."

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