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airmid's Journal
airmid's Journal
June 30, 2017

Does anyone with legal experience know if a state's SOS turns over our

Voting history, Social Security numbers, etc., can we sue? This is the most troubling thing I have heard of late.

June 22, 2017

A week ago a Congressman was shot along with several others. At that time

there were a lot of call for a kinder approach with less hateful rhetoric. And yet, today, we are watching as a small group of men are in a back room determining how best to screw us while engineering another large transfer of wealth to their and their Sugar Daddies pockets. And they want a less polarized approach. They are going to literally kill people. And do it gleefully, glibly, smiling and laughing at the pain and despair they will visit on the most vulnerable in society. Do they really think anyone is going to be kind when Grandma is thrown onto the street, or someone must stop their child's cancer treatments, or a vet needing counseling is left wanting? I am astounded at their hubris and what appears to be their clear lack of concern about how the populace will react. Personally, almost all my family will be effected. For some, it will be terminal. So screw their kinder approach. I will not to quietly.

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Herbalist, heathen/pagan, healer, fiber artist. Proudly owned by a house of cats and a yard full of chickens.

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