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Name: Melissa
Gender: Female
Hometown: Tucson/AZ
Member since: Sun Apr 16, 2017, 12:26 PM
Number of posts: 13,284

Journal Archives

Lordy let there be a diary

So Hope Hicks appears to have kept a diary. Publishers are after her to write a book. Wonder if anyone with half a minuteís worth of government experience has told her that her diy kept at work is government property.

Dear Diary,

Today Impotus asked me to ........

💕💕💞❤️ Hope (and pray I donít go to prison)

Thank you! For the ❤️

I was just watching the Olympics and a nice, sappy commercial came on about a young athlete wearing his Olympic jacket going back to see his childhood coach. I told mr. MLAA that I love these commercials that pull on your heart strings. Then I glanced up and saw someone sent me a heart!

Thank you!!!!

Anyone care to see Morning Joe smacked down by a guest for his rudeness?

I enjoyed this immensely.


Has anyone ever heard Hope Hicks speak in public?

Ms. Hicks is the White House Communications director. Her predecessors include David Gergen, George Stephanopoulos, Nicole Wallace. I seem recall all of them speaking publicly while in that role. Am I misremembering? I have never heard Ms. Hicks, have you?
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