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flotsam's Journal
flotsam's Journal
December 15, 2019

There's been discussion of the Female reporter who was slapped on the backside

The guy involved has been charged with "sexual battery". While this may not be popular here I wonder if in terms of gender equity this might not be a case of overcharging-rather that battery alone might be a more appropriate charge-here is my thought-had he done this to a male reporter it most likely have been ignored or if pressed resulted in a battery charge. By raising this to sexual battery is not the law itself declaring that the female buttocks, just like female nipples to be of a pure sexual nature encouraging gender discrimination? A man in a locker room may not appreciate an ass slap but if he insisted the offender be charged with sexual battery I believe there would be some pushback. I'd just like other posters to comment.

December 14, 2019

Suppose McConnell wanted out

So he gives his coordination spiel. He knows nothing he does will please Trump and any course he takes will hurt him politically. But if there was a huge outcry by the public he might be forced (ahem) to recuse himself and let the chips fall where they may....Gee Mr. President I REALLY wanted to help but I guess I slipped up when I said so in public. Mitch is no babe in the woods and that coordination pledge seems suspicious.

December 12, 2019

Greg Steube GOP Rep

Just stated he was "outraged" by whatever, "as a combat vet"...

But here is his military record:After he finished law school, Greg enlisted in the US Army after the September 11th attacks and served for four years. While he was in the Army he spent one year as a commissioned Airborne Infantry Officer and three years in the US Army JAG Corps, serving as a Captain with the 25th Infantry Division in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

During his time in the service he earned the Commendation Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Global War on Terrorism Medal, Iraq Campaign Medal, Army Service Ribbon, Overseas Service Bar, and the Parachutist Badge.

Note he was NOT awarded a CIB or CAB meaning he never engaged the enemy with fire while coming under fire. Also no purple heart so never injured by the enemy and no combat awards...

In short he was what some refer to as a REMF and I prefer to call "combat adjacent" since he may have eaten in the same mess hall as combat veterans.

He's another GOP fake!

December 7, 2019

I'm going to say something about Hunter Biden

For the GOP $50K a month is big graft? Horseshit-Hunter Biden is a licensed attorney from a highly esteemed DC law firm. Now if you know about attorneys you mostly know they work a shit-ton of hours, but let's pretend that Hunter Biden is a slacker that only worked 40 hours a week...or 2000 hours a year and let's even admit his name on the corporate mast had value and that while he was a licensed attorney he did not have specialized experience in the energy field. But he was hired to ensure ethics compliance and I've seen no argument he was not qualified for that...

So if he worked 2000 hrs on ethics compliance and lent his name as a surety the actual cost per hour was about $300 an hour and I could name a shitload of people who paid attorneys with no name recognition more. Everybody on this board has seen millions shoveled to the GOP and their candidates just for access-treat this "controversy" as it deserves-tell the GOP to fuck off with their made up bullshit.

December 7, 2019

It is time to make something clear to the GOP in congress and Mr. Trump

They need to be told that conviction and removal, or resignation is the easy way out. They need to be told that anything less than removal will trigger an immediate second impeachment and even a third if needed. There is clear proof and if they ignore it, their' asshole leader will not only be among the 3 impeached president but the ONLY president impeached multiple times. Got that Bitch? You're number 10 and while it is beyond the democratic party alone to punish you, we can indeed make your single term the historical worst.

November 14, 2019

Imma gonna post something I posted on FB tonight

Ambassador Taylor carries the CIB and that my brother earned that badge.Combat Infantryman Badge-The Most Elite of all combat Awards:
The Combat Infantryman Badge (CIB) is a United States Army military award. The badge is awarded to infantrymen and Special Forces soldiers in the rank of colonel and below, who fought in active ground combat while assigned as members of either an Infantry or Special Forces unit of brigade size or smaller at any time after 6 December 1941.
So how elite is this award?
3 times it has been given to General Officers as a crowning achievement in multiple wars and so elite that General Douglas MacArthur wore it possibly in a case of stolen valor, but MacArthur stole a bunch of awards he did not deserve. The other three Generals who wore it-One I had never heard of-he fought a retreat in Korea and spent time as a prisoner after being severely wounded-His name was William F. Dean and the CIB was granted to him in 1955. Joe Stillwell who was actually a bastard as a commander ran raiders against the Japanese in the CBI-you would much rather be Stillwell's dog than a troop under his command (he fought a wounded and ill command of men from 3000 to less than 200 left alive) but he fought and congress awarded him a CIB-his greatest desire as he died of cancer- (fun note:6 months before he died he personally led an assault during the largest riot of prisoners ever seen at what was called the battle of Alcatraz)
The last was Matthew Ridgeway who was in fact a warrior who pioneered airborne troops and faced enemy fire and was awarded a CIB.
Here's the thing-it is not JUST for being shot at-really it was designed to recognize that being infantry sucked even before people shot at you-you lived in the field, and only slept while others stood guard and then patrolled to shoot at people who shot at you first. The award was never about MERELY being shot at-it was the bullshit misery of never a rest or hot meal or even single stinking thing that even said humping will be ended for a week.
So four Generals each of whom "bestrode continents and wars" got or wore the award-one stole it and the rest wanted it so much they took it when it was prohibited to them. My brother Brian has it because he was 1/506 of the 101st airborne and walked point in the Ah Shau. And even MacArthur tried to steal the honor that came with that.

November 11, 2019

So we're coming up on 1 am Monday

there are three 24 hour news channels, but MSNBC and CNN are doing jail and crime stories shot in the past. Do you know who is still current and giving coverage to advance their political goals? Do you wonder why we lose on messaging?

November 10, 2019

I served stateside during Vietnam,But for my brother this was his life 70-71'

He served with the 1/506 of the 101st airborne and survived the Siege of FSB Ripcord.He said this:"This is so much MY Vietnam from the choppers to the scout dogs to the rain and the violence. RIP my brothers who never came home.

And then he posted this video


November 10, 2019

I would like to address whether it is ageism or realistic to address candidate's ages

The 5 youngest presidents on their date of inauguration where
Teddy Roosevelt
Bill Clinton
U.. S. Grant
Barrack Obama
All of whom were 47 or younger

The Oldest 5
GHW Bush
James Buchanan
William Henry Harrison
Ronald Reagan
Donald Trump
With Trump the oldest at 70, though Reagan turned 70 17 days after his inauguration.

I won't bother to argue the relative virtues of the two groups though that would be easy. My point is this-in the elder group Harrison died after 31 days in office and Reagan suffered Alzheimer's while in office and Trump is clearly in the throes of age related mental decline. At least 3 of our leading candidates Would be by years the oldest president ever to enter the office.

And I think that is something to worry about.

November 9, 2019

So just days after Elizabeth Warren published her wealth tax calculator

that showed Bloomberg would pay over 3.5 billion dollars he decides he is a democrat and will spend $100 million on his campaign? Well that's like 3% of what he stands to lose under any wealth plan tax so it looks like a great investment to me-If you have 12 or so people and only two-even if popular, are talking a wealth tax than a 3% guess that depends on knocking down a 6th of the field looks like a good bet to me and especially when so many oppose the tax. But it sounds more to me like opportunism rather than patriotism.

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