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Member since: Thu Apr 13, 2017, 05:13 PM
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Just something I posted on FB...

I understand that King Bush the Deceased will Lie in State in the rotunda, which should give America closure in that it is the last place in the District in which he has provably not lied. If you miss my intent it is to say this-he ran death squads in Central America which put's him in a statistical tie with treason-weasel Nixon, treason weasel Reagan, and draft evader international war criminal George his Son and we are still scoring King Donald the F'in WOW...You should sense a trend which is this-since Kennedy was elected in 1960 the finest thing that could have happened to America would have been the retroactive abortion of those 5 men. That's 68 fucking years while republicans did what that made your personal life better? Now tell me why there should be a republican party in 2020?

A trip down memory lane...

My Mom was the best cook! Nah-not really-she was ok and had a few things she cooked well. But she was very much a wife of her times (50's and 60's) and she and her peers had a very limited horizon...(Now I give an example) in the early 60's a local school was putting out a cook book and a cousin who shall remain nameless submitted two recipes that nailed down her reputation as a knowledgeable cook of international cuisines. Both recipes featured a pound of browned hamburger, a cup of minute rice, and a can of Veg-All. Mexican rice also got a dash of hot sauce and Japanese rice got a splash of soy sauce. And sadly my family home did not contain both of those "exotic" spices...Our basic set of spices and condiments were salt and pepper, paprika, gravy master, ketchup, mustard, and relish. Later we added onion and garlic powder.
So here is the question-tell me about your Moms spice rack and recipes and how you cook now.



Just Saying...

Shortly after noon on August 31,1939 Hitler ordered hostilities against Poland to begin at 4:45 a.m. the next morning. At 8 p.m. on August 31, Nazi S.S. troops wearing Polish uniforms staged a phony invasion of Germany, damaging several minor installations on the German side of the border. They also left behind a handful of dead concentration camp prisoners in Polish uniforms to serve as further evidence of the supposed Polish invasion, which Nazi propagandists publicized as an unforgivable act of aggression.

Jeepers-I hope that caravan doesn't engage in any acts of violence at our border.

So Trump has called Andrew Gillum a thief

Funny how the presumption of innocence only applies to Republicans...

Immigrant Tales

more than 1.5 million adults and children left to seek refuge in America. Most were desperately poor, and many were suffering from starvation and disease... killed more than 1 million people in five years and generated great bitterness and anger... The immigrants who reach America settle in cities where they live in difficult conditions. But most manage to survive.


Between 1845 and 1855 more than 1.5 million adults and children left Ireland to seek refuge in America. Most were desperately poor, and many were suffering from starvation and disease. They left because disease had devastated Irelandís potato crops, leaving millions without food. The Potato Famine killed more than 1 million people in five years and generated great bitterness and anger at the British for providing too little help to their Irish subjects. The immigrants who reached America settled in Boston, New York, and other cities where they lived in difficult conditions. But most managed to survive, and their descendants have become a vibrant part of American culture.

The second snip is from:http://www.crf-usa.org/bill-of-rights-in-action/bria-26-2-the-potato-famine-and-irish-immigration-to-america.html

Chuck Todd was playing "both sides" again tonight...

Complaining about the lack of civil discourse. And to prove it was both sides he cited Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels. That's republican equivalency-their side represented by a "president" and our side represented by an exotic dancer...

Fuck Grassley three times...

Just now saying in the Senate "Schumer did" this, and "Schumer did" that... Get this you worthless bastard-I understand that "My esteemed Colleague Chuck Shumer" went out the window but get this Dickhead-It's Senator Schumer and your smelly showing of your red ass should be censured!

Trump says young men in America should be scared

Yet as an older, more experienced man he fails to suggest they go out and get bone spurs...

MSNBC:Judge's lawyer says he will testify

How about this-Judge lawyers up. Lawyer ask and he says "yes we did.". Lawyer says "No you didn't and you had to jump Brett twice to get him off her. You're another unsung hero!" "Oh yeah-That's exactly what happened!"...

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