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Le Gaucher

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Member since: Tue Mar 21, 2017, 10:32 AM
Number of posts: 1,547

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Fuck Facebook

That's all.

Why does name calling by Trump sting?

Is it because when Trump talks like a demented juvenile fuck, people in the room laugh and thus validate him.

Or is it because it shocks our sense of common decency that anyone can behave like that?

I think the tide will turn on Republicans against trump.

Just take my town .. We are so red that the only election that mattered was the republican Primary.

Last year we won our first council seat.

What happened this year? We swept them. We won both council seats and Mayoral race.

Republicans in my town are shell shocked. The normally noisy town forum has gone pin drop silent.

Yes the Republican Mayor is a bully and lots of folks dont like him... But we know and they know .. Democrats got a huge assist out of Trump.

At some point it will dawn on wealthy suburban Republicans that Trump is a fucking liability. They will be angry and that anger is going to bubble up.

Wait and watch.

And get the popcorn ready

Don Lemon: Which Caravan did the Thousand Oaks Shooter Belong to?

I guess either Trump Caravan or NRA Caravan.

What can we do to make people vote?

I busted my tail..going door to door. To talk about issues, and candidates. I have 2 jobs and is difficult for me to make time. Still I did. I knocked on doors in rain, wind and cold temperatures.

And yet 50% are so disengaged? Many have zero comprehension. They cannot see the difference between the individualistic ( typically what is in it for me, one vote make no difference) and collective aggregated effects of non voting.

Short of paying people to vote what else can be done?

To those despairing about last night..

The worst thing you can do is to lose morale and give up the fight .. Because that is what the BASTARDS on the other side are hoping for.

Rest , Recuperate and double up to knock the stuffing out of those fucking assholes.

This a long long fight... History /Justice / Truth is on our side.

And Demographics too. We are young and diverse. They are pale male & frail.

The guys living in fear/hate will shrivel up and Die unloved.

We will win. We will thrive.

Yessssss...Malinowski projected winner of NJ 7!!


Fwiw ..Democrats have swept my town races... In a very very Republican town

For the first time in Berkeley Heights NJ history... Democrats will have governing majority

My Town ..we are already at 75% volume of last election in NJ

We had a governor's race back then ..and my town had an intense town council race..

And we still have another 10 hours to go !!

Poll workers on break, Challengers check-in here.

I finished my morning shift ..the turn out is mirroring a presidential year. Here is the most interesting pattern.

I am in a polling place that has machines for 3 districts. Normally midterm voters are slightly older and know their stuff.. Like what district they are voting in. Not so this year

Lots of younger folks.. Many first time voters...

I'm having a really good feeling here
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