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Great response to those claiming our constitution is based on Christianity....

“Read what the founders wrote, not what you want to pretend they wrote.”

(Thanks Uncle Bob!)
Posted by Heartstrings | Wed Aug 4, 2021, 12:47 PM (3 replies)

I've posted this pic before but not in this forum....lightning rainbow!

No idea how to enter the contest but this most certainly was “A brief moment in time” moment!

Posted by Heartstrings | Wed Aug 4, 2021, 12:22 AM (9 replies)

A protest sign, and it's not misspelled.....

No spelling errors obviously denotes “what side” this woman has chosen.

From Left Action page on Facebook.

OK, Spot Ringo.....but don't reveal where.

The infamous B&W photo "Mad Day Out" used on the Gatefold of The BEATLES 1962-1966 album.

I just had to...

A reminder......

More people died on January 6 than Benghazi.
They died on American soil.
They died at the capitol itself.
10 investigations into Hillary Clinton continued long after she was no longer Secretary of State.

Carry on prosecutors!

On the subject of Simone Biles.....

The woman in the top photo is Elena Mukhina, the 1978 women's gymnastics World Champion. She broke her leg and was not permitted the appropriate time to heal. Soviet gymnastics coaches pressured doctors to remove her cast early so she could start training for the 1980 Olympics.

She protested heavily, as she knew her leg was not properly healed and would not withstand the grueling training regimen typical of her sport. Trainers and coaches dismissed her concerns and forced her to continue her training.

While practicing the Thomas Salto (since banned for being so dangerous), she underrotated due to her newly weakened leg, and she landed on her chin. She broke her neck, which rendered her quadraplegic for the rest of her life. She was 20 years old at the time and died at 46.

Reports from Tokyo are that Simone Biles does not trust her own mind and body right now. Given the high level of difficulty (and danger) of the skills she performs, it is asking A LOT to expect her to continue to perform before that self-trust is restored. By pulling out of the team finals, she is listening to her body and her mind and giving herself enough time to heal so she can continue being the badass Queen she was meant to be.

Simone is doing what Elena was not permitted to do- be a voice for her own body and mental health. Anybody who would malign Simone for pulling out of the team final (and daring them to settle for the silver medal) should consider how they'd feel if, instead of reading the headline "Simone Biles pulls out of team final", they were greeted with "Simone Biles paralyzed during dismount."

I will also mention Kerry Strug being “forced” to compete after suffering an injury on her first vault. Devastating….she voiced her resistance and was over ridden by her coach.

And if you asked the rest of Team USA if they'd rather have a healthy Simone Biles or a gold medal, you know damn well what they'd answer, and they wouldn't have to think for a second.

Things that make you hmmmmm........

George Takei FTW tweet....

Ryan Gosling and Macaulay Culkin T-shirt Inception....


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